Drunk in love. No, just drunk.

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Not a fan of small talk.
If I try to get out of a conversation with you it's mostly because
I dont like you or you are just boring.
Im an a*****e, and you know what comes out of assholes?...
s**t. So don't be offended if I treat you like it.

Approach with caution.

K bye.

What lies behind the screen
[X] [X] [X]

Did you know that the human brain makes you see yourself
as 5x more beautiful than you really are? lol yup self confidence
down the toilet.

"Our life is made by the death of others." -Leonardo Davinci

I gotta keep track of my s**t or I'll forget it.
Dont Rustle My Jimmies
O c t 0 P u s s y
50 Shades Of Rape
C U M F 3 T T I


Fak You

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A Wild Stalker Has Appeared!