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Tech N9ne - Imma Tell



"Sometimes, at as little as a meeting of eyes,
masters and slaves know one another. "I must
have her. She is mine," he tells himself. "I belong
to him. I am his slave," her heart whispers to her.

One of the most initially frightening and disturbing
things to women brought as slaves is the
way men look at them. They are not used to being
looked at as women, truly, with appraisal, desire
and ownership. This tends, in the beginning, when
they are still new to their collars, to confuse and
frighten them, but also, of course, as it will continue
to do, and even more powerfully, to stimulate them."
- The Books of Gor -

"Emotion is not only positive, but necessary; the mastery of it is not up
to the female. It is up to the male. She is to be every bit the writhing,
crying, joyful, and utterly female being she can possibly be. It would be
cruel to suggest otherwise."
- Tribesmen of Gor -

I'm very mean, and no one likes me.
Sorry for that, just a warning previously before
you try to talk to me in Towns...
*Flashes a wicked looking grin.*