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Random opening posts. Might add some of my regular length posts once I have a selection to choose from again.



Welcome to my profile.

Hi. I am a perplexing conundrum. If you can figure me out, you win.
Not sure what to use as a prize. I ate all the cheesecake.

I am single and am (trying to learn how to be) happy with it. So, I am not looking for a relationship at the moment, but I might reconsider. Possibly. Maybe I will be that weird uncle the lives up in the mountains and grows his own food so as to stay off the grid. Haven't decided yet.
All I know is that when I grow up (lol) I want to be happy.
Or an astronaut. Wait, NASA cancelled their space program.
Happy it is.

I have quite a few hobbies, though most revolve in some way around literature. Either reading it or making it.
My favorite book series is 'The Wheel of Time' by Robert Jordan and assisted after his passing in 2007 by Brandon Sanderson.
Favorite stand-alone book.... 'Servant of the Bones' by Anne Rice stands out, though I have read quite a few stand alone books that kicked me in the chest and stomped on my rib cage.
I like watching movies. There are very few TV shows that I care to watch.
Also, anime. Not that creepy, hyper-sexualized-in-lieu-of-actual-plot stuff, but shows like Attack on Titan (which, if you are into anime, you need to watch. Holy hell).
I am a night owl. I don't know what it is, but no matter how early I wake up or how little sleep I get the night before, my body auto adjusts to a 'Bed at 3AM, awake by Noon' cycle. As such, I tend to completely ignore alarms I set in order to help adjust to a more productive sleep schedule. If I am working, I manage to get by. If not, my sleeping schedule is screwed.
I love Star Wars. Not in a 'must collect all figurines!' way, but rather in a 'I have a Game Master book for a table top RPG game that I run online and am involved in a few games as well' sort of way. Kinda. Maybe.
I'm a nerd.
Oh, and I like to camp. Not with an RV. I have a rope and a tarp and a shovel and an ax. I can build a friggin' shelter, m'kay? In fact, my Zombie Plan has a variant that involves just that.
I have a Zombie Plan. Mostly as a joke, but also because I thought about it and realized that a hyper violent strain of Rabies could have a similar effect.
I lost a little sleep....


You have died bitter and alone
Try again?

Yes ◄

"...We can only hope, we cannot however account for the minutiae of the quanta, as all accidents in an infinite space are inevitable."



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tjenator Report | 05/02/2009 6:57 pm
dude where is youre add friends button? by the way, nice page.