Welcome to my shop! Are you prepared to pay the price? Proper compensation must be made for offered goods or services. One must not offer too much for the payment, nor must one demand too much. Reasonable, equittable and fair. A price once paid, cannot be returned.

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Updates: None at this time.

I am following EST, so I apologize if you do not see a reply right away to your offer. I will do my best to get to your offer as soon as I can. Thank you for understanding. 3nodding

Here are some rules to follow.

1. All sales are final.

2. Items on my avatar, I am not selling. Do not PM me asking me to sell it.

3. No, I will not put an item on hold for you.

4. No, I will not give you the item for free.

5. Do not be afraid to contact me to work out a deal on an item. Please be reasonable when making offers.

6. All offers must be pure only.

7. All bids will run their course. Please do not message me asking to accept your bid before their time is up.

Follow these rules, and you will have a pleasant shopping experience. emotion_awesome

Thank you for shopping at my store! It is much appreciated! heart


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