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"You either run from things, or you face them."



Me. That is all. 21. Tattoos. Motorbikes. Metallica. Artist. Freelance. Heavy metal b***h. 80s. Thrash metal. Festivals. Blackberry curve. Diet coke. Pot Noodle. Science. Athiest. Teal. Vintage. Huge Sherlock (BBC) fan. Red Dwarf fanatic, Love Lord of the Rings, I adore the Hobbit. Currently work in a Library. It's dull, but it pays the bills...
I'm joining the Royal Navy this year (Fingers crossed the paperwork goes through on time) as a Warfare specialist. Pretty handsome job! I'm a fitness freak, I run 5k everyday and do Kung Fu and kick boxing.
You can find me on a lot of social media and avatar communities. I'm well hidden though. smilies/icon_ninja.gif Le artist, check out my DA, most of my s**t is on there. Not a lot of recent stuff though since most of it is currently 'In progress' a bit like myself. I like to blog. Mostly Sherlock GIFs and utter random shite. I'm an odd ball, but I don't give monkeys if people like me or not, my purpose isn't to impress people. It's to enjoy life and it's prosperity, when it feels like granting me the choice. I enjoy participating in political debates. I enjoy walking with no shoes on while hiking 5 miles into town, I sing when I'm out on the street, and I air drum at work when everyone is watching...

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