Heyo! Gonna drop the first thing about me, I'm trans. I see and acknowledge myself as a woman, so please when addressing me use she/her pronouns, if ya don't like it then don't talk to me.

I'm a writer and in order for me to climb over those lovely little things known as "Writers block" I RP as the characters most of the time. I'll rarely branch out of characters that are not related to my "project" ~ Calling it a project since I want to make it into a comic. I already have the first arch finished and currently working on the second arch. Yay! Undead army and crazed fanatics, that worship a dark god's offspring, attacking each other while the people try to survive!

So yea, if you're reading this you're probably the most bored Gaian I've ever met since this is possibly the longest "about me" on this site.

Also you can call me Seras, Yuz or Boxes.

AND I STILL DON'T HAVE MY SOUL DEVOURING BALL OF JOY T-T No one wants to be that for me....



'Ello~ I gotta stop changing my username... But I'm sticking with this one for a reason!

So um message me! Or something! Or else I will find someone to eat your soul!
Zaphendrah is my soul devouring ball of joy, they'll attack you if you are mean!