I have trouble expressing myself.
I dont have friends.
I'm made of glass.
I have more enemies than fingers.
Nightmares are consistant.
love is a smeared fantasy

I do not keep conversations as good as I use to.
I will disregard most messages.
I dont make sense
I contradict myself
I seem to not be good at making female friends
Its a b***h thing.

I've been called just about anything so;
what you think of me is probably been said before.

Although if you find something very creative, message it to me smilies/icon_smile.gif
Oh how I loveeee those who are creative. Hue.

I can be sarcastic and mean...

It's a shell and layer I put on to protect my marshmellowness.

I don't know how to type or spell

No, it's not because of lack of education. I just dont care...for you to get my precious time to read a beautiful sentence.

u w u

Hi I'm Seraphim.

AKA Sera.

Compulsive. and I need help.

Will I quit Gaia?
Sure, probably soon.

Do I get often?
Uh.......Sorta not really?
There's day where I'll be on here for some good hours and then I won't be on for two days or so.

I do have a Skype but it's rare to add Gaians ;w ;
Too many creeps and sluts out there

I doooonooo what else to say, asdfghjkl.
Lord help me.