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I'm just me. yum_puddi

~I am Happily Engaged.~

Name: Meli­a (May-Lia­)

Age: 20, turning 21 ­in October.

Sexual Orientation: ­I­ am 100% straight.

Physical Description­: Short; Hazel eyes;­ Dark brown hair with natural ­red highlights in the light.

Relationship with Females: I do not really get along with them, which ­means I may barely have any, if non at all, on here. If I do, I will have my reasons.

Relationships with Males: Pretty decent,­ much better than I ­do with females. I only really have males as my friends.

Dress Style: Mostly ­anything comfortable. My favorite is Skinny Jeans ­with any band or graphic tight/semi-lose T-Shirt, ­as well as Converse ­or Vans and some Black Eyeliner; White Eye Shadow/Black, red,­ pink, or ­clear Lip Gloss; Black or White Nail Polish with red or black ­writing and/or blood drops/tips; Neon Hair Extensions; Collars.

Religion: ­Not sure really because I believe in different thing and a ­mix of things.

Favorite Sports: I do not play in or watch any of ­these on TV, but I do enjoy going to games when I ­can. Baseball, Hockey, Soccer,­ and Bowling (I do actually enjoy doing ­this).

Favorite Food: Cake!­ I am not ­huge or anything, but if it came down to me getting huge and very unhealthy one day... Cake will be most likely why. (By the way,­ I don't actually eat that much cake, I ­get it every so often aha. Too much sugar in my opinion.)

Little Bio of Me: I ­am a nice ­person. I ­am strange and weird. I can be obnoxious, so if you don't like it, then go meet ­some other person who cares. I­ enjoy red roses, puppies, huskies, wolves, lions,­ kitties, ­rats and stuffed animals! I am someone who is very shy at first. I am ­wishing to learn the the languages that ­I have listed below:­
Swedish, Japanese, Russian, German, Irish and British.

I Listen: To Music.

Drugs: I don't smoke, drink, or doing any other type of drug you could think of.­

Ethnicity:­ Caucasian (White), ­Asian, Irish, Dutch,­ Hawaiian, ­French and Okinawa (­Asian, now merged with Japanese).

Perfect Date: ­Just being with him ­and actually spending quality ­time with only him and being in his arms. yum_puddi


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Fated Squall Leonhart Report | 10/08/2015 8:36 pm
Fated Squall Leonhart
Happy birthday!
Nophael Ghoul Report | 03/04/2015 11:49 pm
Nophael Ghoul


heart Welcome to My World. heart

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Daddy Bluewolf! ^w^