Never gonna give you up

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anyone wanna ghost me lol :heart: 18070212

Never gonna run around and desert you

Prices are to some degree negotiable, especially if the price listed in my store is higher than the lowest marketplace price.
Item for Item trades are acceptable in some case, but it increases your odds if it's an item from my wishlist that is part of the trade. heart .
Thank you for your purchase! heart heart

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Never gonna let you down

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Never gonna say goodbye

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Zaddy Dre Report | 08/30/2017 5:32 am
Zaddy Dre
Take your time heart
Zaddy Dre Report | 08/28/2017 12:32 pm
Zaddy Dre
I want art !! heart
Succ it Report | 08/23/2017 8:01 pm
Succ it
I'm fine with that! Lol let me be your muse ~
Succ it Report | 08/23/2017 8:00 pm
Succ it
Can i have some free art emotion_kirakira
Succ it Report | 08/23/2017 7:52 pm
Succ it
Can i have some free art emotion_kirakira
Champiri Report | 08/09/2017 9:22 pm
Sorry, I don't sell sig art! Unfortunately, I rarely even have time to make art for myself these days.
Yasei Ame Report | 08/06/2017 4:53 pm
Yasei Ame

Thank you for your purchase
Succ it Report | 07/31/2017 4:56 pm
Succ it
I love it! Thank you heart
Succ it Report | 07/31/2017 4:22 pm
Succ it
Omg! are you srs? I would love one heart
Succ it Report | 07/31/2017 4:05 pm
Succ it
Congrats on your item !!

Art by Kitty CookieCream !

Art by BrokenJuniper !

Art by B O O !(x2!)

Art by Park Bo-gum !

Art by Slumbering Galaxia !