The real me.

It's hard for me to hang onto a good friend,
but now I see who's there and who isn't,
because i'm smarter, wiser and much more aware of things
than ever before. Back then, my brain hasn't full developed,
but now I have experience of the world, inside and out of it
through the universe, with thousands of years worth of intelligence and knowledge built up an stored into my memory.

My name isn't of importance at the moment, so just call me "Seraph". There's a lot of things I won't say about me, such as age, or where I originally came from.
So, i'll leave that up to you to decide and think about.

I may "click" with you and get along the first time we meet, but don't hide your personality. Show your true color and your face behind the mask as we meet, because I dislike fake people.

Seraph is a player character in Digital Devil Saga 2, known as the perfect being, Seraph is born from the ascended data of Serph and Sera. The name Seraph is derived from the portmanteau of Serph and Sera, and keeping the Hindu overtones, Seraph's Atma form is Ardha, or Ardhanari.

Seraph, being the perfect being, is truly androgynous and possesses no definite gender. Seraph, once playable, inherits both Serph and Sera's mastered Mantras. Depending on the player's choices when Margot Cuvier offers the Embryon an alliance, Seraph may also inherit Hari-Hara's special skill, Reincarnation. Her Atma form, Ardha, possesses no weakness (unlike those of all the other playable characters), nor does it excel in any element.

The manifestation of Seraph may be a reference towards the mythologies in Hinduism. According to one of the myth, one of Shiva's most beloved consorts, Sati, immolated herself and was reincarnated as the Goddess Parvati, who rejoins with Shiva, creating the figure of Ardhanari. Incidentally, Seraph is also manifested after Serph and Sera die in the HAARP facility, with their data ascending to the Sun and bonding with each other subsequently. Furthermore, Seraph's Atma form is Ardha, alluding to the Hinduism mythologies.

• Digital Devil Saga 2: Playable character

Japanese Name: セラフ
Romaji: Seraph
First appearance: Digital Devil Saga 2
Date of Birth: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Firearm type: Prana Beam
Atma Avatar: Ardha
Atma Brand: Clarion
Brand Location: Forehead
Japanese VA: Houko Kuwashima
English VA: Wendee Lee


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