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Hullo, I'm Seph. Or Liam. Either one works!

I've been known to play videogames on occasion, when I'm not sleeping or just generally being lazy.

Beyond that, on even rarer occasions, I like to write stuff. Most of what I write is pretty terrible, and is locked within the darkest confines of my computer folders, never to see the light of day. But I do hope to one day maybe write something that might be considered 'pleasant' on the human eyes and not make them combust at first glance.

I also watch some of them there fancy Japanese cartoons that all the cool kids seem to be talking about these days, and have developed more than an unhealthy obsession with them.

That's all I guess. Feel free to leave a comment or whatever, s'all coo'.

Steam: Liam XBLA: SephXl PSN: LiamExe AP: LiamExe