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Hello! My name is Carlos(a german derivitive of the name Charles). I am 22 years old. I have a pretty good sense of humor and love to make others laugh. I'm usually fishing or wondering through the forums, so just stop by or send me a pm if you would like to chat. PS: I'm a white-caucasian male and not mexican. lol


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Siizzlin Report | 04/22/2014 11:08 am
I got a pair of Cherubim's Dark Blue Wings!
Siizzlin Report | 04/22/2014 8:11 am
Thank you.. heart
Siizzlin Report | 04/21/2014 7:15 pm
You changed your username.. emotion_jawdrop
Siizzlin Report | 04/21/2014 1:55 pm
You're honestly too sweet! I really don't have any words. lol whee heart But thank you x 100! And thank you for being so understanding as well. If things don't go in the way I'm hoping, then I'll tell you. But I'm still waiting.
What are you favourite colour wings though? :3
Siizzlin Report | 04/21/2014 1:37 pm
And I also got real cherubim peach wings too! awww, thank you!!!!
I got 2 deep purple cherubim, 1 peach and 1 emeraland
easter cherubim, got 1 light pink and 1 peach and 1 light green heart heart heart
Siizzlin Report | 04/21/2014 1:34 pm
You're crazy!!!!! I can't believe you sent me all of that!! Wasn't expecting any more after the 1st gift, Aw Carlos, thank you!!!! you're so sweet and kind. <3 agh, but hate you at the same time (:< but I got emerald wings!! not easter wings either, the actual cherubim wings!! (: now i have 3 pairs of real cherubim wings
Siizzlin Report | 04/21/2014 1:21 pm
Don't really wanna talk about anything to be honest.. not trying to be rude. I've been feeling the shittiest I ever felt.. just waiting. Once I know, I'll either be happy or have to do something about it. Been in a rut , crying, depressed.. since thursday so.
Been trying to stay positive though but whatever.
been eating lots of chocolate lol (:
Siizzlin Report | 04/20/2014 10:47 am
Sorry, 3rd comment. xD Keep thinking of more to say after I post.
Do you think I'll make my money back with the items I get from gift bags even though I spent so much money on them and got a lot of same items?
Siizzlin Report | 04/20/2014 10:45 am
I can't stop buying the gift bags.. probably wasted like over 10 million buying them. xD I just got another pair of cherubim's wings, unfortunately they're the exact same colour I already had. Both are deep purple. I have a light blue pair but it says 'easter cherubim's wings' which are different from just cherubim's wings.
Do you have any wings? Was thinking maybe we could trade if you wanted purple ones and you had another colour? (:
Siizzlin Report | 04/20/2014 10:40 am
Oh?! When will they hatch? And btw, love both of your avatars! Honestly, so jealous. Your avatars always look amazing and fascinating every time you change them! And when I go through the forums people have such cool ones. Makes me sad cause I want mine to look that good!!! I just dunno how :c
And what's the background you have in your avis??
Happy easter btw! blaugh



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