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Report | 01/18/2009 8:23 am

Halfling Heroine

Thx 4 buying!
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Report | 01/17/2009 5:05 pm

Oh Look I Died

lol thank you!
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Report | 01/16/2009 4:14 pm

Oh Look I Died

oh sounds interesting, possibly music or theatre or just art for me in liberal arts
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Report | 01/13/2009 11:41 pm

Oh Look I Died

nothing right now, but probably liberal arts
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Report | 06/26/2008 8:03 pm


Fuggin' Geebus! I changed it up a bit. Now I am going to terrorize randome RP threads. Mideavil fantasy is the first victim. LOL
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Report | 06/13/2008 2:35 pm

its c h r o n a

Aww that sucks. Glitches are sometimes nice though. ;D

I'm glad things like this don't happen to meh but i do feel sorry for the people who have to go throught things like that. D;

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Report | 06/11/2008 9:29 pm


lol, thank for the comment! <3
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Report | 06/11/2008 5:09 am

its c h r o n a

That sucks. Losing data has never happened to meh but meh one friend lost a lot of her FF XII data and she had almost completed the game.

I just get stuck a lot. >.>

Thats not nearly as bad as losing all or bits of game data. O:

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Report | 06/10/2008 5:10 pm

Feget Buttfaice

Oh... really?

[How embarrassing]


Well your welcome anyways!

Hope you have fun!

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Report | 06/10/2008 4:25 pm

Feget Buttfaice

Happy early birthday!!!

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Report | 06/10/2008 3:37 pm

its c h r o n a

I don't care to play them in order because every game is completely different.

I own FF X, FF X-2, FF XII, FF VII DOC, FF Crystal Cronicles (one for Gamecube), and FF Tactics.

I've only beaten one of them. X-2 I could of finished long ago but i haven't beaten it cause I haven't felt like playing it for a while, X I'm stuck and need meh friends help. XII I'm kinda near the end, Im at like 40 or 50 hours of game play. >.>

And then there's all meh other random games i own that are unfinished. O:

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Report | 06/10/2008 3:28 pm

its c h r o n a

I also see joo like Final Fantasy. ;D

Am I correct? O:
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Report | 06/10/2008 3:23 pm

its c h r o n a

Thank joo. :3

Your aveh ish vary expensive! O:

Also, I used to have this profile. ;D

I am strange. ;D

Lawlz xD.
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Report | 06/10/2008 10:35 am

Rosalind Hawk

Happy Birthday! <3
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Report | 04/13/2008 5:52 pm

Vampire Mistress Isis

Hiya! Yeah, my profile needed an upgrade. Though.. it's not entirely what I want but it's purple. ^_^ I love the amv, btw. Awesome. I forgot how much I love Panic at the Disco. XD I've been alright. Just trying to get through my last two semesters in college. How about yourself?
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Report | 04/02/2008 1:20 am


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Report | 03/30/2008 1:33 pm


Actually I have a very old character on Greymane, a lvl 14 Tauren Shammy. XD

She was my first character! ;o;
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Report | 03/29/2008 9:08 am

Ashers Requiem

Heehee, thanks. It's a great movie. User Image
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Report | 03/24/2008 1:08 pm

Salt my Wounds Please

^^ Thank you very much, darlin!
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Report | 03/16/2008 2:51 pm


Thank you for buying my item. ^^
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