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Light of Nibel


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This is just a place where I can write about different things that are on my mind (good or bad).


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About Me

Name: Don't wanna give my real name to everyone, so those who don't know my real name can call me Sel or Seli.
Age: 21
Orientation: Straight
Heat Tolerance?: Low
Dislike Location's Climate?: Yup
Ethnicity: White (Can't get much whiter than Irish, English, and Scottish; I don't tan, I just burn)
Status: Single. (Players, don't even bother charging headlong at me with your lips puckered. You will get clotheslined.)
Languages: English (minimal understanding of Spanish)

>Jeans and t-shirt type who pretty much fades into the background
>Good-natured and easygoing (unless pissed off, then cue the dragon and release the kraken!)
>Helpful (where possible)
>Weak arguments and fallacies are a pet peeve
>Supports equal rights (Yes, this includes the LGBTQ community. Kindly replace any giant sticks or heads stuck in buttholes with bigoted ideals that shouldn't be spoken to me; or if your mind happens to be too dull to understand that: Bigots can shove it.)

If your avi isn't anywhere on my profile outside my friends list, don't bother asking to borrow items.

Oh, and I love Fairy Tail. Just so you know.
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Some collect movies. Some collect cards. I collect books.

Don't like my attitude? That's nice.

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TheAlbino101 Report | 08/16/2015 5:46 am
Thank you for your purchase!~ heart 4laugh
Akira_Kohai Report | 08/13/2015 11:29 pm
I love bad ends though; Virus and Trip are hella; Koujaku's is awesome and I love Shiroba

Fluff is always good though cat_whee
Akira_Kohai Report | 08/13/2015 10:47 pm
Yeah Noiz's real name is Wilhelm lol, and his little bro is attractive too emotion_drool
But yeah Clear probably would like live by his grave, or maybe hed just have Ren to keep him company until one of them break. Though if youre going by his bad end, I like to think that after aoba finally dies, Clear would be like "now youre just an object like me" or maybe hed even keep Aoba's heart in a jar or something, since he already took most of his body apart anyway
Akira_Kohai Report | 08/13/2015 10:26 pm
I love them to death tbh
Though I cant stand Mink, though I never liked him even before I played, hes not attractive at all, and his good end doesnt really make up for any of the things he did

Because yaoi hands lol
Akira_Kohai Report | 08/13/2015 10:18 pm
Lol some people are masochists though, some would probably like it tbh
Ahh, Clear's bad end was my first ending and just my heart man, especially after Reconnect ;v;
My favorites are Virus and Trip though, mainly Virus =u=
Akira_Kohai Report | 08/13/2015 10:10 pm
Noiz is my second favorite route to play
I dont see why so many people cringe at that part though lol
Feeling Sheepish Report | 08/10/2015 6:52 am
Feeling Sheepish
I hope so, after working at Dollar Tree for so long I need to leave. As a sub at least I can pick where and when to work.
Feeling Sheepish Report | 08/09/2015 11:32 pm
Feeling Sheepish
Yeah. Oh, though just recently, I got a job as a substitute teacher.
Feeling Sheepish Report | 08/09/2015 11:04 pm
Feeling Sheepish
Oh, I hear ya, I took two summer classes and it was 19hundred, blehh, awful.
I've been good, same old, same old. How has life been for you outside of school?
New addition?
Feeling Sheepish Report | 08/09/2015 10:57 pm
Feeling Sheepish
Goodness, that would be terrible emo
I have a year and a half left at UNM.


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Sep 22 - Oct 23

As their zodiac signs and meanings would indicate, Libra's are all about balance, justice, equanimity and stability. They easily surround themselves with harmony and beauty, but sometimes go to extremes to do so if their goals are unreasonable or unhealthy. With Venus as their ruling planet, Libra's are very understanding, caring, and often the champion of underdogs. They have keen intuitions, but often don't give themselves enough credit for their perceptions. They can be quiet and shy if left alone and aren’t persuaded to come out of their shell. Ironically and in spite of their introverted nature they make excellent debaters, often proving a point from out of seemingly nowhere.

Native American
(According to several sources)
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Sep 22 - Oct 22

Highly enthusiastic, and a natural entrepreneur, the Raven is quite a charmer. But he/she doesn't have to work at being charming - it comes easily. Everyone recognizes the Raven's easy energy, and everyone turns to the Raven for his/her ideas and opinions. This is because the Raven is both idealistic and diplomatic and is quite ingenious. In nurturing environments this Native American animal symbol is easy-going, can be romantic, and soft-spoken. Further, the Raven can be quite patient, and intuitive in relationships. Left to his/her own devices, the Raven can be demanding, inconsistent, vindictive, and abrasive.
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Feeling Sheepish

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Like a big sister to
me in SO many ways. emotion_smilies/icon_kirakira.gif
Love you Big Sissy! cat_smilies/icon_whee.gif

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