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Faceless Terror Report | 06/02/2011 4:34 pm
Haven't seen you in ages.

Anitsu here. xD
Kraze Sunila Report | 03/24/2011 9:44 am
Happy birthday, Sejii-darling~ I dressed up JUST for you~ -giggles and snuggles up against-
Muffs Report | 07/12/2010 11:53 pm
You know, it's really hard to capture all of these several years in one, acceptable-length answer.

Pretty good.
Muffs Report | 07/12/2010 11:44 pm
How are you doing, madam?
It's been a while.
Muffs Report | 07/12/2010 11:31 pm
Well, hello there.
Adamska Glazunov Report | 01/20/2010 8:36 pm
I do well. A setback here or there, but otherwise I'm fine.
Adamska Glazunov Report | 01/19/2010 7:49 pm
This admiral sends his greetings. How goes it, citizen?
fotter Report | 11/27/2009 5:58 pm

I drew you!! ;D <3
sexyasschic32 Report | 11/22/2009 1:40 pm
hi can u plzz tell meh how to ern a lot of gold im desperate
Uruz Don Viachi Report | 11/14/2009 10:16 pm
you should add me yo XD