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Welcome to my Store~!
If you would like to haggle on prices, send me a trade with the title of the item you would like to haggle on.

Store Status: Clearing Inventory

Current Inks in stock:
( If you would like to request an Ink that I am not selling at the moment, please message me with the Title of the Pm being "INK" and tell me in the message what ink you want, how many, and at what price )

Red ( 8 )
Green ( 5 )
Brown - Limited
Black ( 7 )


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Well its been forever since I've been on here for longer than five minutes. Its eerily quiet actually, with my only notifications being the sites main alerts and my wish list still updating me once in a awhile. I will admit I come back here to read old posts and get some sparks of inspiration for current projects from time to tome.

Although I'm sure no one cares, I believe that my Role playing days are far behind me. There is a chance I might return again but with college and personal art practice that seems unlikely to happen any time soon.

For those of you who wish to know I'm currently a first year student at the Art Academy University. I'm studying to obtain my BFA in Game Design with a focus on Concept Art. There is a good chance of graduate school and a MFA (Of the same Major) soon after that as well.

Favorite Characters of all time (That are not my own)[OLD]:

- Toshiro Hitsugaya (Bleach)
- Sebastion [I like to call him sebby] (Kuroshitsuji)
- Sokka (Avatar the last airbender)
- L (Death Note)
- Gauche Suede (Letter Bee)
- Suoh Mikoto (Project K)
- Gareki (Karneval)
- N (Pokemon Black & White [Game])
- Minato Namikaze (Naruto)
- Dean (Supernatural)

Favorite Animes of all time[OLD]:

- Kuroshitsuji
- Letter Bee
- Project K
- Karneval

Favorite Quotes:

All thy foes, have been defeated... All but one, lay dead and beaten. Not all is, as it may seem... thy last enemy, has now been deemed. One final note to, do the deed... and then kira, will be free.
-Death Note

"I will not die an honorable death, not one of happiness either. I shall die from a death I deserve for my life is meaningless to others or so it seems to me,"
-Toshiro Inuzuka

I tell you the words of Red Moon, from the great spirit was born the wolf and man became its messanger. The beast lives in silence where the blood of the gods is befounded upon him. The white flower, after winning the favor of the lord of the night will share her sweet scent pre ordan and eternal incounterneice. Her form is of a lily white supple maiden. She distils and condenses all of time until it becomes a precious frozen mass. Only then will appear the wretched beast.
-Words against wolf Hunting

“Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.”

"When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid."

"We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future."


See the truth as it is, not what you want it to be. For those who are blind to logic are blind to reality.

Words of depression and fear haunt every aspect of most minds. Mistakes are made that can't be undone and for that the human being is flawed.

Birds float on open air, light glitters across the shadowed forest floors. Everything is at peace, nothing could go wrong nothing at all....



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Artemis Falor Report | 05/09/2013 10:07 am
Artemis Falor
Hi I love your page how did you get it like that? question
Cassandra Evermore Report | 05/06/2013 5:55 pm
Cassandra Evermore

Welcome!~ c:

mtrujillo540 Report | 05/06/2013 12:50 pm

TrueBonanza Report | 05/05/2013 12:17 pm
Aye, sir! -salute-
Kashi Hikari Report | 12/17/2012 7:44 pm
Kashi Hikari
cool avi
jordon730 Report | 04/07/2010 3:40 pm
sher u a ninja
The Light Hunter Matt Report | 04/03/2010 8:11 pm
The Light Hunter Matt
okay thank for buying again "Seika XD"
The Light Hunter Matt Report | 04/03/2010 8:06 pm
The Light Hunter Matt
hey Seika Taka Kanata can i call you Seika or Taka or Kanata or maybe STK oh wait i got a better one. Seitakanata. great it suits you......or not...... think think think... i got it. ill call you DUDE!! that suits you perfect.nah im just messing with ya. thanks for buying
bisexualgothicemogirltash Report | 03/28/2010 6:37 pm
oops i meant your >.> ugh im sorry
bisexualgothicemogirltash Report | 03/28/2010 6:37 pm
you welcome :3
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