Nitram ships


Before the Worst


Seer of Blood.

Your name is CODY.

Holy s**t do you love HOMESTUCK.
You enjoy many things. In fact, you have a variety of INTERESTS.
You love many fandoms like RESIDENT EVIL, ASSASSIN'S CREED, D GRAY-MAN, FINAL FANTASY, etc. You have way too many to list so you won't bother. You like to play VIDEO GAMES in your spare time and chat
with your pals.
You are a FIFTEEN YEAR OLD CANADIAN BOY, that also happens to be a PANSEXUAL. You have fondness for COSPLAY and ROLEPLAY although you are NOT VERY GOOD AT IT. Your buddies often think you are a GOOFBALL and they also think you're GAY, and you're OKAY WITH THAT. you have many buds who think you are a HOMOSEXUAL.
Despite all this you enjoy making FRIENDS and are very open to speaking to STRANGERS ON THE INTERNET.

What will you do?
Jester Arcana