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Sumi Spy - auspice doll!

OrhimeInouelovesIchigo-celebrity date! (for me its a gift!)

Mew Mew Sugarplum-15 4oo

Freya of Folkvangr-celebrity date

xXLightningAngelXx-Drop Dead Gorgeous Onyx Skull , 1k

x_iLadiee -DemonicAnklets

Anonymous Benefactor-Drop Dead Gorgeous Onyx Skull Earrings

VenomGirly-Iron Maiden

Alluvzhorses-5 ooo

CBRcowboy-Distance Rod

- Twilight Scorn - ~ SDPlus #44 Kuro Doll

CharmingBerry-Spiderwick Sprite

Starlett557-10 black inks, 10 red inks, 10 blue inks

flouncyxx -G-LOL Dark Mistress Skirt

ozeke -1 ooo

MummifiedBanana - Dragon and Kai in heaven

x ninja cupcake x - Idiot Hair, Ritzy Peach Beaded Dress, Striped Stockings,Unibrow, Pirate Ship-Maiden, Bolt Deodorant, Swimming Goldfish, Leek, Spartan Spear, Henrietta

shopaholic { I’m really sorry! I forgot your whole username! } - Skittles Crazy Core Necklace

Hasekura Arisa Mindy - LOL Dark Mistress top

Kezia Ryuuki - Bunny Tail

Munificent -12o, Skittles Fish

Demonic Brace Face - G-LOL Dark Dollie Shoes

chocolate issa - 5 ooo, Onigiri Mood Bubble

Neunzig - Nitemare Boots, Business Man's Tie Rack

alissa miller 9 - Single Blue Daisy Black- Boquet

Aeux - Passionate Knight Venus

Stella_Kaia - Bao, Black Peony Sweet Qipao, Blue Pawprint Pajama Pants, Blue Pawprint Pajama Shirt, Black Soft n' Fuzzy Coat, Sweet pea, Gothic Butterfly, 9 ooo 88 ooo 11 ooo 1oo ooo ((You're killing meh! x'3))

pennyxdx - 5 ooo

Anonymous Benefactor - White Sweetheart Ruffled Dress

Cerianne - G-Lol Dark Dollie Socks

MissNympho - 10 ooo

another Anonymous Benefactor stare - Christian Siriano's Purple Black Gown

yuki-wentz - 1 ooo

SexFlavored Suicide - Yellow Stripes Torso Tattoo, Science Camp Beaker and Tongs, 2k8 Peppermint Cap

Isalace - Cupid's Crown, Mocha Ice Mood Bubble, Elegant Pearl Strand Bracelet

Cryptocrystalline - Gold Heart Hairpin

Eternus Sadius -2o ooo

Xx_Hobo_Queen_xX - Dried Grass Hat, Blue Striped Legwarmers, Drop Necklace, Heart Antenna Ball, Lovely Genie Purple Belly Gem, #FFFFFF Complex Band, Pink Carnation * 4, Yellow Daffodil * 11, Sunflower * 3, Yellow Butterfly * 3, White Daisies * 2, Pink Daffodil * 5, White Carnation * 3, Purple Daisies * 2

Anti-Apathy Charity - 2 ooo

Serenith/Serenny/G.I.F.T. - Ponzu Panda, Inari's Beads, Goti Clips

Gleisha - Midnight Dark Mistress Wig

Anonymous Benefactor T 3T - Spirited 2k9 Boots

luke_c - Leather Dress Watch, Giant Green Eggshell, Mechanical Mosquito Wings

The Peeka - Heart Eye Patch, ORLY? Hat

Elf Kiyo - Sno Yeti Plush

[.Rainbow.Wolf.] - 3o ooo

jon_kun 333 - 1o ooo, Moon Lantern

-iAngelic_Rhapsody- ~ Gothic Butterfly

Elegua - Gothic Veil

Kat Sensei/ Uncanny Charity - 5 ooo

Ped of Isle - Girl Mood Bubble

Mystic Rose_081- Gaia 7th Anniversary Radio Jack Slippers

Anonymous Benefactor Who be you T 3T - Studded Leather Collar, Laceback Skirt

AurigaLaShock - 2 ooo

iLikuPie - Dark Elf's Staff

Daemon Darkhart - 7 ooo

Club Charity - 3o ooo

Jak Mannequin - Black Zoot Suit Tapa, White Zoot Suit Tapa, Straw Hat, Valiant Knight, White Polar Expedition Jacket, Ghost Cape, Grunny Shirt, Buttoned Down Feather Shirt 'n' Sweater, Dashing Gentleman's Marble Tail Coat, Dead Sexy Moonlight Coat, Black Musketeer Pants, Piggy Plush

acedreamer - Witch cape

l x l B R O O K E - 5 ooo

begrieving snow - lots of zOMG loot and recipe!

Okamize - 2o ooo

Unholypenny - Elemental Spirits, 25 ooo (( artsu tip ))

Time to Pay it Forward - 15o ooo

BritaniBoo-licious - 4oo ooo

NaTeni - Song of the Nightingale

Noir Resurection - Devoted Pawn, Will-o-the-Wisp, Black Butler

Ultimate_Impact - 1ooo

Sashei - Atrum Egg

Anon - Kung Fu Panda Shirt

Another Anon -

Tsukihana Hime - Red Sweetheart Ruffled Dress

y00h make me smile -

jojo_jus - Single Purple Daisy- Boquet

Anon - Strange Soot Captain's Hat

Reese_Air -


Anon -

oO-Albansky-Oo -

Anon -

Mule-Of-Kibsy``Crazy Kibsy - 1o ooo

Anon -

callen_black - Kung Fu Panda Headband, Ragged Ugly Scarf, Crumpled Blue Construction Paper x20, Regalia of Anciant Fire (circlet), Pink Flamingo Feather, Yellow Daffodil x40, Neutral Starter Polo, Groucho Glasses x2, Blue Daisies x20, Celebrity Snare Incredible Hulk Collectible Card, Spirited 2k7 Socks, Red Tie, Pancakes

berryfarmer -

Ultimate_Impact -

C e r i s e P u r i n - Elemental Wings

Milkshax - 1o ooo, Light Grey and Grey Reversible Bracelets, Green and Emerald Reversible Bracelets, Scion Purple Under Glow, Human’s Bazooka, Spirited 2k7 Peppermint Lollipop,

Ethezial - 5 ooo, May Birthstone Cape

DollyLocks - 5o ooo

Anon -

Kivara Sandaria -

big brother cliffton - zOMG Basketh'Loo, Tinsel Halo, Mocha Lounge Jacket, Regalia of Ancient Fire (Mantle), Rhinestone Flip Flops, Aquarium Holiday Tree, Blue Octopus, Pancakes, Olive Matte Wall Tile, Green Matte Wall Tile

Anon - Bone Scythe

Starlight Surprise - 15 ooo

Tenshi no Kirche - Sunflower * 8, Yellow Daffodil * 8, Purple Daisies * 14, White Daisies * 21, Blue Daisies * 23, Pink Daffodil * 8, Blue Daffodil * 15, Pink Carnation * 5, White Carnation * 4, Blue Carnation * 4

Rose Koneko - Zoku Inari's Beads (Yuko no Tama)

The Fluffy Kitten - Winterland Snowball

Tri n Rose - 1oo ooo

Sircasca/ DTCT - Thank You Letter for June 2010

black-and-white x rainbow - 5 ooo

k r y o l i t e - Pink Magical Giftbox

rafael236 - Mana Seed

inuyasha1975 - buck teeth

Saerow - Queen Anne's Lace

Beezerific - Cumulus


Celandina - White Babydoll Tunic

Flooterby - 1oo ooo

Taiikou - 1o ooo

Cielu_Phantomhivu- Noble Scarf Sash

bowiegirls_eye- Black Neck Ribbon

Niran Silving- Crumpled Blue Construction Paper, Blue Daisies, Pink Daffodil, Crumpled Zerox Paper, Spartan Sandals, Prisoner Pants, The 4th Guappa Shirt, Spartan Sandals, Silly Shoes, Skittles Crazy Cores Necklace, Hockey Mask, Icy Snug Layered Tee, Cool Starter Urban Girl Shoes

Trinamic- Red Devil MiniWings emotion_bigheart

foxettes- Mystix Dance, Cherry Blossom, Sweetheart Admirer, Butterfly Punch

LynPwnsLen- Mini Nitemare Wings emotion_bigheart

Harblnger- Undefeatable Rabbitan * x *

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Mother Birthday Report | 02/20/2017 2:13 pm
Mother Birthday
Thank your for the Sweetheart Admirer.It's so pretty!! heart
Mother Birthday Report | 02/01/2017 8:03 pm
Mother Birthday
User Image02-01-17
I- ChiiDoLL -I Report | 06/09/2016 4:31 pm
I- ChiiDoLL -I
IKR?! Sakimichan is such god-tier for me! I wanna be as awesome as her when I grow up (in the art sense xD)! whee heart
Your stuff is cute~ very adorable style ;3
I- ChiiDoLL -I Report | 06/08/2016 2:43 am
I- ChiiDoLL -I
I'm sure you've seen some of her stuff before~

Yeah, I need layers for each of the items... and then I draw/color/paint on another layer on top of it in case I mess up. Sometimes, more than one layer is used for the shadow and lighting... causing more and more layers OTL It gets out of control!! D;

Btw, could you send me a link to your DA? ;3
I- ChiiDoLL -I Report | 06/07/2016 10:52 pm
I- ChiiDoLL -I
Yeah, it is easier........ I don't have to worry about all the colors XD;; And the style is more loose~ ouo;;
But most importantly, it's easier on my computer if I don't try to do too much stuff.... staying in one color, creating a few layers instead of one of each color, and whatnot.... cuz I haven't learned to be more paintery yet. OTL I create too many layers... my monochromatic style helps me with that issue lol

Aw, thank you for stalking me! I appreciate that~~ ouo I really want a distinctive style like Sakimichan's!!! I can recognize her stuff from a mile away whee heart 4laugh
I- ChiiDoLL -I Report | 06/07/2016 2:26 pm
I- ChiiDoLL -I
Yeah, some details are lost... but I think the trick is to use a big canvas, bigger brush, zoomed to a comfortable size, draw the overall image, and then for the details, use smaller brushes. My computer currently cannot handle big canvases or big projects, so I've been stuck with smaller and simplier designs ;p I've been sticking to headshots, busts, and one color lol
I- ChiiDoLL -I Report | 06/06/2016 6:17 pm
I- ChiiDoLL -I
So how's the drawing life with the fixed tablet? ouo
I- ChiiDoLL -I Report | 06/05/2016 1:51 am
I- ChiiDoLL -I
Congrats on fixing the tablet~ blaugh
Mother Birthday Report | 01/31/2016 8:46 pm
Mother Birthday
User Image02-01-16
Milkshax Report | 04/02/2015 7:32 am

OH OK, and yeah I'm in uni so its like the same thing xD

Yeah that was probably me, but didn't do it. Umm, I'm in a joint freebie thing now though which is cool.


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