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My name is Terra
I'm bisexual. So hit on me already smilies/icon_wink.gif
I'm obsessed with free art
I'd like to be a funeral home director
I'm skilled in the ways of bitchcraft
Blood turns me on



Seeing Scarletta

Seeing Scarletta's avatar

Last Login: 07/27/2016 7:58 pm

Location: The Great Star Ocean

Birthday: 05/09

Occupation: Alien Whore

serenade your love

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Brytlejuice Report | 07/27/2016 4:21 pm
Oh hey, no apologies necessary, my dear.
I understand not really communicating much, I've been super depressed so I'm kind of isolating myself.
I'm not great at communicating either.
Sorry to hear about all that horrid stuff going on.
Sending a billion digital hugs.
To be honest, I still day drink. More than I should.
It's the depression. It's kicking my a**. Ugh.
All I do is play video games and drink. Kiiiiiinda useless.
I've been trying to sketch stuff, but I have no passion for anything anymore.

Like I said, no apologies for the rant, I get it.
Minor Evil Report | 07/23/2016 12:29 am
I can imagine. Well worth the effort though I'm sure
Minor Evil Report | 07/22/2016 12:51 pm
I just had to say that I think your avatar is simply gorgeous
Oblitus Ryu Report | 07/17/2016 10:19 am
That is a very unique avatar.
I've never seen an electronic Demoness before.
Very well done. heart
Tillamoon Report | 07/08/2016 7:29 am
Bloodstone Maiden I think.

Im upset about Sephiroth Turqu... We were married...
Logician Extraordinaire Report | 07/07/2016 11:41 am
hahaha thank you xD i honestly adore that gif more than near any other one i've ever seen.
Brytlejuice Report | 07/07/2016 11:37 am
Aw thanks. I'm super happy with my Lady Loki.
I'm working on a Renaissance Faire version of Lady Loki currently. Because I need to do every Loki variant I possibly can.
Ooooo Lady Thor would be glorious.
Cosplay is definitely pricey. The headpiece and staff were the most, but totally worth it.
Awh. You don't have to, love. I don't play lake kindred much, to be honest. I just wanted Faffles for the novelty of having Faffles.
He's my favorite.
How are you doing?
LunaKhaos Report | 06/25/2016 5:19 pm
Hope you still remember me you sexy beast. I'm back. wink
Firoru Report | 06/24/2016 7:58 pm
I heart your avi. Ok, bye.
Gumby Ningata Report | 05/10/2016 11:02 am
Sorry I did not know it was your b-day cheesecake. sweatdrop