These are not fables. You will touch with your hands, you will see with your own eyes; the Azoth, the Mercury of Philosophers, which alone will suffice to obtain for you our Stone.

Darkness will appear on the face of the Abyss; Night, Saturn and the
Antimony of the Sages will appear; blackness, and the raven's head of the alchemists,and all the colors of the world, will appear at the hour of conjunction;

the rainbow also, and the peacock's tail. Finally, after the matter has passed from ashen-colored to white and yellow, you will see the Philosopher's Stone, our King and Dominator Supreme, issue forth from his glassy sepulcher to mount his bed or his throne in his glorified body.

Diaphanous as crystal; compact and most weighty, as easily fusible by fire as resin, as flowing as wax and more so than quicksilver . . . the color of saffron when powdered, but red as rubies when in an integral mass.