Hey There!

My name is Andrew, I tend to just go by Lavens or Teases though.
I'm 23 and I was born on July 1st, 1992.
I live in South Florida.
I am a Homosexual Male.
I have a degree in Graphic Design Technology.
I also have a cat named Pounce De Lion.

I enjoy drawing, watch anime, eating, sleeping and shopping.
I do not enjoy working, family bonding, reptiles or spiders.

I love when people recommend me new anime to watch.
I enjoy Slice of Life, Comedy, or any anime with amazing art.

Love Live/School Idol Festival is pretty much my life at the moment.
I have a wall of prints, buttons, figures and charms all dedicated to it.

Miori, Danipanteez and Finni are my gaia artist idols.
I worship them to be honest.

Want to play Splatoon or Smash Bros for Wii u?
My Nintendo ID is Lavens, PM me and tell me who you are
and if you want to play!

If you have a modding related question,
please click that link above to send me a "Private Message"
or message an online site moderator.
I will delete all questions posted in my comments.

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Wow! You know me so well already! Let's get married! <3

Ummm...That's nice dude?

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How about I just buy you all of these too while I'm at it, eh?