Hey There!

My name is Andrew, I tend to go by Seduces, Lavens or Teases though.
I'm 24 and I was born on July 1st, 1992.
I am a Male.
I am the Recolor Lead & a Project Consultant for Gaia!
I have a degree in Graphic Design Technology.
I also have 2 cats named Pounce De Lion and Nico LasCage.

I enjoy drawing, watching anime, eating, sleeping and shopping.
I do not enjoy family bonding, reptiles or spiders.

I love when people recommend me new anime to watch.
I enjoy Slice of Life, Comedy, or any anime with amazing art.

Love Live/School Idol Festival is pretty much my life at the moment.
I have a wall of prints, buttons, figures and charms all dedicated to it.