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Sedel Angaelus

Name:Sedel Everett Angaelus
Birthday: January 11, 1987; London, England.
Sex: ♂ Male.
Height: 6'8''

I'll let you do my age math on your own. Do not ask me if I've been any place around
London, I barely leave my home. When I got a chance I began working
for a local Undertaking company. The owner took me in with open arms.
There I met my boyfriend, Elias.
I on occasion dress in drag, not the obnoxious kind most know about. Though
from time to time I've gone a little overboard. Sometimes I get a little too girly
to handle. When times like this happen I am called Seddie, as it's supposedly
cute? What ever. I am for a fact quite bi-polar, heads up. I can go from friendly
and levels of obnoxious to distant and stoic in a short period of time. Nothing
against whoever I'm with at the time.
I am quite prone to violent anger fits.
I am a professional Tailor, I sew/make all of my clothes, and most of my boyfriend's.
I run an at-home business for my clothing work.

✔Medieval torture
✔The Bubonic Plague

✕Untrustworthy people
✕Loud places
✕Any situation my feet are not on the ground

>> .talk to the cannibal.<<
Masogasmic Hidan
Undahtakah BD
Bitchin Gunji
Sedelery Stick
CIoset Lesbian

My favourite mules.