My Mr. Wonderful.

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One Year. Thats It. That’s all it took for us to know that we are the one for each other. Every time you come around, my heart beats faster, my face gets hotter, every one of my senses is highlighted and I’m lifted off into another world, where no sadness is known; only love. We are the perfect match, you and I. We get it. We get each other. And most importantly, we love each other. Yessir, we do indeed love each other with every ounce of our being. And that is how it’ll remain, forever and always. I love you Brandon. 9.17.11


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♫ Names Roxxi.
♫ April 27th, <3.
♫ 日本語.
♫ I Speak My Mind.
♫ Happily Takenn As Of 9.17.11. <3
♫ To Be Honest, You Can Go To Hell. (:
♫ North Central College. <3
♫ I'm A b***h. Get. Over. It.
♫ Lifeguard.
♫ Swimmer.
♫ Brandon <3
♫ Metal. <3
♫ Call Of Duty: Nazi Zombies. <3

name- roxxi
age- 13
likes- anime!!! and the computer, horseback riding and going on gaia and quizilla!
hates- everything but the above (yes even you)
special sayings- no s**t sherlock was was ur first clue? OH CRAP!!! damn... yea basically anything with swairing in it lolz
anything else?- system of a down ROX!!!! (thats wut SOAD is in mi name Xp)