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Kill yourself.

Devils Crotch Hair on 07/22/2014
bat lungs on 07/22/2014
Duck Tarts on 07/22/2014
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150cm on 07/20/2014
a song for the deaf on 07/19/2014
TM69 on 07/18/2014
fresh buns on 07/18/2014
candy1003 on 07/17/2014
Little Lovely Moo on 07/15/2014
pauul on 07/13/2014
SAD1 X3 on 07/13/2014
PumpkinBrains on 07/12/2014
Eve Heartless on 07/12/2014
TDGG on 07/12/2014
Celebiest on 07/11/2014
Devils_Rondo on 07/10/2014
Murkilyn on 07/10/2014
Venteyoshi on 07/10/2014

******** you.


Attention Whore.
x [********] [********] [********] [********] [********] x x

My name is Jessica Sarah Kemp.

I'm ******** dumb.
I have a bunny named [********].
I'm in a relationship.
I work on Mars.
I'm agnostic.
I'm 19.

My Art
[********] [********]
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