I'll whisper in your ear of fantasies,
of bodies entwined.
A warm breath to tickle your fetishes and imprison lust through you.
I am the sweet mercy of teeth on a tender pulse.

I am the best you'll never have.


I am not an uke/sub. I am not a seme/dom....I look for an equal.

Things I like:

Real friends, if you have questions about what I think a real friend is, ask.
(don't assume, you are probably wrong)
Getting messages and comments.
Leaving comments if the mood strikes me.
Drawing, Writing, Singing, and almost all forms of art.
People who don't pretend to be something they are not.

I do not accept random friend requests, just because we have spoken,
does not make you my friend.

Do not start lies and rumors, it is immature.
If you have a problem with me
get over your arrogant a**, grow some balls,
and send me a message about it.

I do not like to start messages, in fact, I loathe it.
So do not assume I hate you or are angry with you
simply because I have not sent you something.

There is much more to me that you might never know
unless I've known and trusted you for a long time.

Do not assume I am uke simply because I am friendly, may God help the person who tries to make me into one.

Do say hello if you feel like talking.
Do say hello if you're interested in RP.

I am 27

My birthday is June 14
My gaiaversary is November 9

And Just For Laughs...
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The one in Complete ControlYou are 200% Seme.

Congratulations! You are the one in complete control. You are a seme (unless you have strange desires and decide to try something new). You manage to get what you have your eyes on most of the time, or all the time for that matter. You have a way of making people do what you want and belong completely to you! You like a challenge now and then and prefer ukes that play hard to get. But in the end, what is meant to be yours... will be yours. Just don't let your growing ambitions consume you.

Most compatible with: Any thing you want. Seme or uke, they are yours for grabs.



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I miss your face.
Kokoromii Atashii

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Kokoromii Atashii

Been a while Scout
Send me a PM sometime
Been a stranger too long
Don't make me attack you~

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Just busy working and trying to finish my adult diploma

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Sup stranger
Mama Gen

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Mama Gen

Oh my goodness
Thank you so much dear!!

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post cuz
i forgot whats the name of the wings

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Desdemona's Malevolence would look lovely on you emotion_bigheart

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i just got back from dinner
i so full kkekeke

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im trying to find alternative way to TB

i dont have any antennas emotion_facepalm


You'll never meet another like me.
Draw Me(like one of your French girls)

Questing = gold for art 3.8B/30B

Also questing Bloody Fighter, Brave Legs, and Sanguine Sweetheart.

December 2014 Monthly Collectibles?

Ahiru Hime-Sama, Sissi Nina, and xhuu have my soul. Thank you Anon(s)!