Schro's love

Schro und Rippy are happily married~

Rip van Winkle, ze voman zhat Schro is in love vizh.

She has mood svings.
Sometimes girlish and cute, ozhertimes just plain creepy.

Schro still loves her vizh all his heart.
So zhat means you can't hafe her.

If you so much as look at her tvice,
Schro vill come und pillow!smozher you in your sleep.

Call Me Schro~

Schrodinger -- WO's avatar

Last Login: 11/10/2010 6:09 pm

Registered: 04/10/2006

Gender: Female

Location: The shadow outside your window

[ Ah! Ze sound of music! ]

Read, read, read.

Und Schro loves you too, Mooner!

Willkommen zu meinem Profil.
Sicher sein, eine nette Anmerkung zu lassen.


Everyone's favorite Nazi cat boy.





Loves comments/friends/pms.

Loves the CB und Towns.

Doesn't like Alucard.


Do not add Schro if you're nefer going to talk to him again.
If ve've had one conversation, Schro'll most likely accept you,
but if you make no moves to talk vizh Schro after zhat, you're off.

If you can't keep up your half of ze conversation,
do not even bozher trying to talk to Schro.
He vill not answer to "hi" or "what's up". Und also use proper grammar, please.

If Schro's accent bozhers you, tough beans.
Schro vill not stop using it, so don't efen ask.
Ze only times Schro doesn't talk in an accent is vhen he's OOC'ing.
EX:: [Insert words here.]

If you vant to become Schro's fan girl / fan boy / stalker / lover / pet / master /Major / wifey / hubby / etc. etc.,
zhen pm or comment him about it. You'll most likely get vhat you vant.

Rip van Winkle________xx