J'ai pas de problème, je fainéante...
Pas de malaise, je fainéante.

Trans-Male, A-Sexual, 23, Taken, Rude Princess.
Discord: Kaingaro #1115
Recolor: Pickle
FC: 2466 5167 3506
ESO, Sims, GW2, Trove, New leaf.
allergic to life and sensitive to food :^)
I am literally sick all the time every time.
The biggest pessimistic optimist. -(INTP-A)
with the best Sociopathic tendencies.
casually making inappropriate comments.
my bf is a turkey truck loader who smells like poo.
i work part time at pizza hut, its ok.
we're ballin' through life 2gether broke af.
I lowkey hate myself tbh.

Obsessed with small things
me and depression r best friends
I get frustrated easily and i cry when frustrated.
bfffk is alexsu, dicks r janberry n arty, ethan is ok.

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