Once more into the fray.
Into the last good fight I'll ever know.
Live and die on this day.
Live and die on this day.

Name: J.T Lee
Age: 22 (as of Nov. 9th
Occupation: Insurance agent (Resigned actually)
Talents: I wouldn't know much about my talents if you asked me directly.
Personality: Kind and caring, But disrespect me and I'll bare the fangs of a wolf.
Siblings: 4, All our names were odd and unique EXPECT my little baby sister.
Best Friends: Thomas, Paofue, Ernie, Billy, and Soko.
Hobbies: Playing my Guitar to mellow me out and accepting request for avi arts.
What I want to do in life: Play with my damn dogs and climb the slopes of mountains.

Being a Artist at a community Studio makes me feel great, only because I get to express my feelings and have it combined with another person's Vision creating a jointed piece of work. Working with other youths and a much younger generation of kids is fun, even though it does have its up and downs. But the best feeling I get is when A youth comes up to me and thanks me for expanding their imaginations.

Oh I may speak like a 40 year old man only because I speak properly but if You're cool and all that. I'll be more mellowed and laid back talking to you.

"We fall for a reason just to learn how to get back on our two feet" -
I don't know how many times that quote has been said to be when I was a child, never did understand it, Then I grew older and realized people won't be there all the time to lend you a helping hand. So you got to pick yourself up and move your two feet one after the other and step forward into a new chapter of your life instead of dwelling on the past.

Music is the universal language, Music is what brings people in harmony without realizing it. Music is Magic beyond comprehension.

Art is love and peace, Imagination flows to the brush and pen.


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Angel-Ryn99 Report | 04/13/2015 9:33 pm
Firstly, I'd like to say thanks for quoting me ^^ and if you wanna add me on Skype please PM me your username.
Marina Elemento Report | 08/29/2014 8:31 am
Marina Elemento
Aw sad That is terrible! It sucks you had to go through that... & alright~ will do
Marina Elemento Report | 08/28/2014 11:36 am
Marina Elemento
Aw why? Mayyybe... do you have a kik?
Marina Elemento Report | 08/27/2014 6:50 pm
Marina Elemento
At the moment, relaxing, watching tv and writing~ You?
Marina Elemento Report | 08/27/2014 6:01 pm
Marina Elemento
Well yeahh.. there's pros and cons to everything
Marina Elemento Report | 08/27/2014 12:52 pm
Marina Elemento
I think I will be. sweatdrop Today was interesting... I had gum surgery and now all I can eat is ice cream and Jell-o! mrgreen rofl
Marina Elemento Report | 08/25/2014 9:20 am
Marina Elemento
Yup. Last year. College applications to plan and all that... bleh. Luckily I'm mostly done with summer assignments. And haha no problem~
Marina Elemento Report | 08/25/2014 9:06 am
Marina Elemento
Oh, yeah, I'm fine. Just a bit of last minute summer stresses to prep for school. A lot's gonna happen this year and it just gets overwhelming sometimes. Also, I was annoyed last night because I watched the VMAs and was rather disappointed. sweatdrop
Marina Elemento Report | 08/24/2014 8:32 am
Marina Elemento
Yeah, I think so. That sounds about right!
Marina Elemento Report | 08/23/2014 6:38 pm
Marina Elemento
It's hard to explain... I guess I'm just realizing that I have so much to look forward to, so the future doesn't necessarily seem all that scary anymore... I mean, it still is, but it's also super exciting. Have you ever had a bunch of random mini-epiphanies?