to those people who might wonder why i'm in their friend list
my previous username was >>DIRRAHH<<

my name is dirrahh, diw, deandra, call me by different names you can think of.
i've spent years (and money lol) on gaia, had my ups and downs on this site,
but there's something that keeps pulling me back here,
a mysterious force that makes me type gaiaonline.com
on the address bar once in a while

and then this sudden realization came in;
subconsciously, i had already considered this place as my second home;
this became a place where i feel safe
...my comfort zone

there were days when customizing avatars and
gaia gold were my only reasons for staying,
there were times when vending
and micka were the only fun things i could enjoy here.

but then when i became old,
and as time and experience from the outside
world began to corrupt my mind; i somehow changed.
these little things could entertain me no more.
but still; here i am.
still logging in on here like a hobo lol

i've spent my childhood on this site
almost everything here is nostalgic;

and as long as gaia still exists,

i will always be here




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Erra Erra

Report | 09/12/2017 3:39 am

Erra Erra

uy hello smile
Lady Fortunette

Report | 09/02/2017 5:52 am

Lady Fortunette

naliwanagan napu aq
Lady Fortunette

Report | 08/28/2017 3:47 am

Lady Fortunette

Hahahaha isa akong dyosa
Lady Fortunette

Report | 08/28/2017 3:16 am

Lady Fortunette

ohohohoooyyyy yer baek

Report | 12/02/2016 7:15 pm


bitaw thanks a lot
really appreciate it bruh

Report | 12/02/2016 6:56 pm


char naka remember cya ohhhh
hahahah thanks emotion_hug

Report | 11/08/2016 1:03 pm


10t+, BUT to be more accurate mga 5t+ rana
dunno why 10t, bacn mag base guro cla sa verage price sa item sweatdrop

imo? why ni ask ka? hahahaha

Report | 11/06/2016 6:20 am


hahahah on point inspiration nuun hahaha

Report | 11/06/2016 6:10 am


ako kai idk when ko last nag draw, ma inspired raman ko
kung maka kita kog something nice, ikaw?

Report | 11/06/2016 6:03 am


lageeee mag try na niya ko
tho when mag calligraphy ko dili nako kailangan og copy
tan.aw ko tomorrow after enroll
dunno inspired bitaw kaayo ko these days mag drawing'2 hahaha


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