Sabrina. You're the ******** best. I hope you know that.
I'd do almost anything for you to be happy. Just know you're worth it too.
You're so amazing, you cheer me up all the time.
Sometimes I wonder why I cant have someone like you in person.
You are my GFBFFLW : Girlfriend-BestFriendForLife-Wife
You're personality is the best and We're so alike
I'm weird at times & so are you. You're really creative and silly.
We known each other for quite awhile and I'm glad your still here.
I know lately I havent been on but I do think of you.
I'm really glad I met you . - xoxo Rose <3

P.S - I didnt forget about the deal. You + Me = Bed.

piercings are my style
girls are my type

goth money