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My name is Kathrine. Age is 23. I love anime and manga, it's amazing. I'm a loser for the Harry Potter series, The Walking Dead, and Merlin. I like to believe that I'm a nice person, but I can also be a jackass.

Nicknames I go by: Hika, Scary, Scribbs, Ebisu, and Kay.

Bands I adore:
Bring Me The Horizon, Of Mice & Men, Asking Alexandria, Dir En Grey, Falling In Reverse, Pierce The Veil, The Amity Affliction, Chelsea Grin, Tonight Alive, The GazettE, Big Bang, MBLAQ, &&& more.

What I Dislike:
Whatever it is that I dislike, maybe even... you! D:

What I witnessed and will never forget:
I saw four or five guys humping a poor helpless car to death, it looked like car rape.

Have a nice day, I'm sorry if I wasn't interesting to you... I totally understand.

It's weird receiving donations, but thank you so much:

Anon Dolce
Assume Fire
Fairy Dust Anon
Pale Blue Fairy Anon
Test Subject
Yayoi Pink

Art by Yuukurage, it's so ******** perf! Thank you so much Yuu-chann! ♥
Scary Scribbles
Welsh Sheepdog
Doctor Jak Mehoff
Impulsive Elixir

My perrtiful Gaia friend! ^^
Susie, your'e awesome!