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Birthday: 02/10


Hey Pplz Its Chrissii(a.k.a. Christline) here! A 9th grader at Cristo Rey Boston High! smilies/icon_heart.gif
Loves: movies and cute stuff (always considered a girly-girl/tomboy)music ,purple, the #18,felines, boys,shopping,fanfiction,friends, and hangin' out, kitsunes(foxes) and wolves,being hyper, my b-day and christmas, haters
Hates: English, Grammer, green(still), fakers and a bunch of of things but im too lazy to out them all so u get the point
Cause of mixed 'motions im said to be the Lil' angel/Lil' devil of groups but whatever u get to know me Im gets your average teen! (With some exceptions of course!!!)

_________________~Lil' Chrissi smilies/icon_biggrin.gif ~__________________
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