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Aquarian | INTP | Phlegmatic

Around here, I'm usually known as Scar, Scarly or Cross and my life here pretty much revolved around z! but now that its gone, its reduced to derping, profile stalking and dressing up but I don't get on much now except when I'm having convos with someone. By then, I try to log in daily.

I'm actually friendly and chatty (if you are too) its just that sometimes I don't take the initiative coz some people tend to be snobs. But when I really want to be friends with someone, I show it regardless through dropping a comment. I think I'm the same "me" both irl and online.

Btw, I can't stress this enough. Please, If you could talk to me before sending a request, that would be great. It's called FRIEND list for cheese sake. So if I'd known you somewhere or want to be friends, let me know? Drop me a pm or profile comment will yah!

Ok that's it. Thanks for dropping by. Take care! (^ u ^)/


"People who might have every reason to be sad but lead lives full of smiles and strength."
"I wanna get out & build my own home on a street where reality is not much different from dreams I have."

art by Heiney <3


One does not simply visit my page and not tap my aquarium :<