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私の貴重な愛に: 私は常にあなたによって行う。

I'm 26 years old. I have an obsession with manga and anime. I have brown curly hair (permed straight now) and blue eyes and if you are wondering: I am a girl.
I'm the type of person that does not like to judge people, nor do I like to be judged
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March 7/1990
Fav colours:
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Harry potter series
Fav animal:
Taken ^_^

is just me or do you have issues xD
yesh I do

Of course. Ninja assassins. No way it was a storm rolleyes
I'm never quite that out of it! What the hell were you on?
nuthin but ninja assassins are a possibility

You should maybe consider some psychiatric help. D:

yay me!!

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~Fido~ {Now hooked on Instant Cappuccino!} says (8:09 PM):
Seriously, drop Business and become a therapist

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here is some poetry I made (when I was 16, I dont have the heart to take it down haha)

Black dove

There are some things in life that is left unsaid
The darkness of the night devours the mind of the willing
Swords pierce the souls of the living leaving them in anguish
Pulling down in the darkness, a black dove dies
The dove cries out in anguish and takes flight
The world is surrounded in darkness
Pulling and throbbing
The darkness will overcome
And no one will call out


A knife pierces the heart of light,
Blood flows like a rapid river
The red like fire burning in an ever growing night,
The scream follows, covered by darkness,
No one looks
No one hears,
Love is blind
But so are eyes
A black feather falls


Bleeding heart,
No one came,
no one saw,
I was never found,
No one will find me,
I will stay hidden,
my heart hurts,
I am lost.

Blind love

Heart soars like a dove,
Higher and higher,
No one will catch me,
No one will know,
As I soar into his arms,
Blind heart
Will you learn?
Love is blind I say
Just like the world.


Running in the darkness,
I will never be found,
No one will find me,
I will hide forever,
My heart burns,
Broken pieces,
Burning away.


Now and forever,
let me go,
let me fly far,
free as a untamed bird,
let me touch the sky
let me feel the wind,
let me have no fear,
take me away,
from the darkness,
and let me escape.


Pulling forth,
Dreaming and flying,
Heart soars in the sky,
Then you left,
My heart fell,
Holding back my tears,
they will never cease,
holding back a river,
Impossible to concur,
wishing and hoping,
please come back.


Walking by a stream,
Water flowing silently as my tears,
Fate holding back screaming,
Lies and truths are all the same,
Flowing into one,
Never ending,
Never ceasing,

Heal me

Heal me my love,
Don't let the serpents twist around my ankles,
They are leading me farther and farther into the dark abyss,
Let me in your arms and don't let me go,
I don't want to fall,
I don't want to cry,
I don't want to hurt anymore,
please heal me my love,
Don't let my heart go numb and gray,
Don't let me scream for the hurt to come,
Please heal me and take me far away.

Don't hold back

Far away from your deepest desires,
Our eyes close trying not to see,
Our ears hear our screams,
piercing in the night our calls cry as one,
We wish to run but we cannot,
Scream as much as you can and don't hold back,
someone will cry for you.

The blood of myself
My time is coming closer,
The blood will spill down my throat softly,
the blood licking down my skin,
Breathing stops,
heart beat pounds,
I am dieing,
My life will end soon,
tears flow silently,
and my heart stops,
and my eyes close.

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Seiya's Journal

I would like to write about whatever comes to my mind (pardon my spelling!) I want to be a writer when I'm older and write books about werewolves, vampires, other worlds and so on...


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NekoLily234 Report | 05/19/2013 11:51 am
Omg I love your profile 3nodding heart
Jared Frost Smith Report | 10/24/2012 8:08 pm
cool! So you like the series Chobits too. sweatdrop smile
your avatar is cute.
deldan17 Report | 01/31/2011 7:03 am
can i post about my guild dark but oppen minds on ur guild so people can get so insite on life and everything in it?
Shimakuwa Report | 12/18/2010 4:39 pm
Do you think it's human nature to be judgmental?
Amaya_moonrain Report | 11/29/2010 6:20 pm
Haha due to accidentally breaking To's, Ive been blocked for 14 days sorry everyone!
deldan17 Report | 11/19/2010 6:18 am
i would like 2 put my guild out on ur guild so people who r in ur guild know bout my guild please. oh ya nice prof i like it Dark but beutifule only the dark minded can see the true beutiy of Darkness. ps sorry bout the spelling i never payed any atintion in school jest sleept. lol.
XXXCupcake of DoomXXX Report | 11/18/2010 8:20 pm
No i dont. I'm sorry.
XXXCupcake of DoomXXX Report | 11/18/2010 8:14 pm
meet me in rally u turn my room so we can talk it out there ok?
DeadTreeOnThyGround Report | 11/12/2010 12:59 pm
no we havent meat before
alexatthefarm Report | 09/26/2010 5:21 pm
thanks :D


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