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Birthday: 08/14



こんにちは! emotion_yatta My name is Sayomi, and I welcome you to my profile!

DOB: 08/14/1992 (I'm old... emotion_zombie )
Location: Indiana (and I HATE it emotion_donotwant )
Favorite Activities: drawing, read manga, watch anime, play video games, eat food (especially sweets yum_puddi )

So among anime/manga related things, I'm a BIG vocaloid geek. I've always liked Gumi Megpoid best, but I do have a deep appreciation for the Kagamine twins, IA, Gakupo and Miku. I also like some of the Utau, Ritsu Namine being my favorite. His voice is good! emotion_kirakira

I've also kind of got this addiction for... redface yaoi!
and I really like all kingdom hearts paraphernalia, and recently just bought all 3 DMC games for Xbox. eek I anticipate hours of gameplay.



いらっしゃいませ! (welcome)



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