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About me

I don't take random friend request anymore unless you PM and actually talk to me.
However... I do love to roleplay and if your subject is that, feel free then.
I am friendly and won't bite too. I promise~
So give it a go and say hi or something if you really want to know me.
And please don't ask me for pictures of myself.
I'm here to get away from my sad reality.

Thanks for looking at my profile too


Howl's Moving Castle - Sekai no Yakusoku (Promise of the World)

Promise of The World -Lyrics-

The smile that trembles deep behind your tears
Is the promise of the world since the beginning of time

Even if I’m alone now, from our yesterdays
Today is born sparkling
Like the day when we first met

You’re not in my memories
You turn into a breeze and touch my cheeks

Even after our parting in the afternoon with the sun beaming through the trees
The promise of the world won’t ever end

Even if I’m alone now, tomorrow is limitless
You taught me about
The kindness that lurks in the night

You’re not in my memories
So live forever in the song of the streams
In the color of this sky, in the fragrance of flowers


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