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My name is Royal aka Savage. But you can call me Ro. Nothing serious. I like to take the world lightly when I can. I love art and live music. I try to enjoy everything to the fullest. Been on this site since '04 on and off. I've tried quitting a few times but it always ends up as a few months hiatus. I come back because I have people on here that I have known longer than most people IRL. They come and go just like I do. Being ancient creatures of this site. We might never truly leave. As for what I do when I'm not on here. I am an event promoter and an activist. That's all you get unless you want to have a conversation and find out. I love art and talking to interesting people so don't be afraid to say what's up. I like musical and lifestyle discussions. Also political issues because these things need to be discussed from time to time. Talk to me about interesting music. I always try to expand my horizons. I will repay the favor if you like the kind of music I listen to. I change the music on my profile regularly so drop by once in a while to hear a new song. Let's talk. Looking for some more intense minds. Around the page are some of my avi's drawn by various artists from over the years.

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“Insanity is my only means of relaxation”

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It's been a long run.


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I look back sometimes

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