Just call me Stan.
I love drawing and video games.
I'm 22; almost 23... and 5'10.
I love the number 8.
Inuyasha and Yu Yu Hakusho were my first animes. <3
I love crossovers and non-canon. ovo
I have like 6 friends that are my main ones.
I have a sister who's 21 years older then me.
I had a brother but he died before I was born.
I'm shy but you'd think otherwise when I'm on here.
I love all kinds of music except for rap and country.
I'm a klutz.
I haven't made one friend since I moved.
I'm a good listener. c:
I can't sing to save my life.
Apparently I can cook.
I have no job, car, or school that I go to.
I love reading but hate reading anything school related.
I'm a Libra.
I made this account when I was 13 so don't think anything.
I don't believe an anything for now.
You can ask me anything related.
I love my family.
I'm a dork.
And a goth. Ignore my avi most of the time. It's fun to play with it. xD
I'm very good at being a derp.

Art that I've made for people:


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Nice avi :>

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Thanks for buying smile
Whispers of Delusion

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Whispers of Delusion

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Thanks for buying

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Thank you so much for your purchase. heart

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Thank you for buying!!!
Ezekiel Silverspade

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Ezekiel Silverspade

Thank you for the purchase, my dear.
Reiko Iwamaru

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Reiko Iwamaru

XDDD Ahh being an artist~ owo >w>

Whoa..really? Thanks so much emotion_hug

I am more than willing to wait! I can wait a decade, cause I really don't mind waiting. I mean everybody's busy with somethin so honest...I don't mind owo
Reiko Iwamaru

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Reiko Iwamaru

Can't stop drooling over your art emotion_kirakira

I'd totally get some if I wasn't broke. XD

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thank you for buying !! please come again emotion_bigheart

(your drawings are so well-groomed ! keep up the good work ^_^)


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