Dusty Domain


*looks up* Pardon? How did find your way into this dusty, unkempt, disgrace of a-Oh wait...It's...clean?! *puts spider back onto its web* Well, if you insist, we do have some items for sale...In fact, you are just in time for the grand opening of Sarolie's Flowershoppe! *looks at her much-used broom and then at the clean floor...with a stain!* Eek!!!! *hurriedly cleans the stain away and pushes some indistinguishable objects aside* *smiles* Welcome! Come in! Wipe your feet on the mat there! You know, the mat? THE MAT!!!!! Thank you. biggrin

Welcome to "Sarolie's Flowershoppe," which mysteriously and spontaneously appeared just around noon of Saturday, September 27, 2008!

At first, this store will just sell bunches of your favorite flowers! Gather them up and give them in the form of a bouquet to your loved one!(family, friend, lovey-dovey person) heart

Later, we will be selling flowers in bouquets! When? You will never know. *grins* mrgreen

Don't ask me why I keep saying 'we' even though it's obvious only I am running the store...maybe Rina is secretly helping me with my soon-to-be endless supply of flowers....ho-hum....

We also sell other stuff too, so watch out for some miscellaneous items!


Blue: represents clarity, knowledge, morality
Element: water, ice

White: represents innocence, purity, peace
Element: ice, wind, lightning
Pink: represents love, empathy, sympathy
Element: fire, earth

Yellow: represents playfulness, brightness, carefreeness
Element: fire, lightning

Purple: represents understanding, status, respect
Element: earth, air


Carnation: symbol of friendship, gratitude, betrothal or engagement
Daisy: symbol of friendship, purity, loyalty, innocence
Daffodil: symbol of friendship, brilliance, music
Sunflower: symbol of friendship, the sun, passage

1 flower will create: Single Flower - Bouquet
10 flowers will create: Flower - Bouquet
25 flowers will create: Deluxe Flower - Bouquet


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