Hi, welcome to my profile. I am Sariyanna, people always call me Sari or Sarie. c: I've been here since 2007, using this exact account. I don't have multiples.

I am a 24 year old female in RL. My sign is Leo. And my Chinese zodiac is the Rooster!

I live on the East coast of the United States, that's all I'm gonna tell ya. And my real name is Felicia, BUT it's not spelled that way. xD

I am Black/African American and Native American among some other things probably. I'm not exactly educated on my roots.

I have curly hair that are small tight coils. Everyone says they are pretty but I'm like 'ehhh it's ok'....I'm like that about my appearance in general.

I was in college but I'm mostly working full time in retail now. Finances made me take a break from higher education for a while.

I like all kinds of music and have various interests in general. I love graphic novels so manga is close to my heart as is anime. I go long periods without reading or watching anything though due to lack of patience. But I still love it.

I'm an animal lover, and have social anxiety that comes and goes. I write alot. It's a hobby of mine so I role-play on here all the time. I can't quit. I also like to read obviously and draw though I don't do either as much as I used to or as much as I would like.

I feel I may be too old to be here eventually but I'm not sure when I'm leaving Gaia so whatever. I'm here for now. I've met awesome people on here. :'3

Peace! emotion_yatta


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ur welcome and i wanted to smile heart
Mewuzumaki The Kitsune

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Mewuzumaki The Kitsune

See what I do is go back into my post and copy the PB link so I can see the picture once I paste it and it leads me towards the picture. Then I have to save it and upload it to imgur. It is quite the hassle but at least I can see what picture it is. They should be locked up for doing us like that! That was pure evil right there. They are snakes indeed. They probably have been plotting this for years now. It is only going to be a matter of time before they cut us off completely.
Mewuzumaki The Kitsune

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Mewuzumaki The Kitsune

Thats what I am doing. I have so many pictures on my test thread ;-; Maybe one day when I'm bored I will do my test thread but for now hell naw. It would have been nice if they gave us a warning instead of just cutting everyone off like that. No one in their right mind will spend 500 dollars on PB. I am grateful that we still get to see our pictures though. If we couldn't see that then I don't know what I would have done >.< I'm mad too. This is really an inconvenience
Mewuzumaki The Kitsune

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Mewuzumaki The Kitsune

I wonder why they did that? That is crazy though because they messed up a lot of people. I gotta replace all the pictures in our rp ;-;
Mewuzumaki The Kitsune

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Mewuzumaki The Kitsune

I had slick thought that 500 dollars was a typo. I was like surely they are joking right? They really ******** up because a lot of people from gaia uses PhotoBucket
Mewuzumaki The Kitsune

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Mewuzumaki The Kitsune

Bruh PhotoBucket wants 500 dollars ;-; I'm taking my a** to imgur and uploading my pictures there because that is ridiculous

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I've got my eyes on you. wink

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For NaNoWriMo there is a pressure since you won't get the rewards and recognition if you don't do it in a month. For jobs, there's obvious reasons why it's not advisable to miss deadlines on that. razz Having a reputation for making deadlines does tend to get you more jobs too. Just speaking from experience.

It really annoys me when that happens. I'm fine if they tell me they're going to be busy so they have to take a break or something but when they just up and vanish it really frustrates me. -_-

Sounds like those characters need a divorce. lol Honestly, if the pairing doesn't work there's no point in trying to force it. The drama of them drifting apart could be quite interesting and you could always introduce new prospective lovers who might be better suited and reenergise the RP. Sometimes characters just don't work together. The worst mistake a writer can do is try to force it anyway.

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I used to write short stories a lot. I started getting into novels because I started participating in NaNoWriMo. Like a lot of things, I find deadlines are really good at motivating me. Working professionally, I mostly write for games and stuff. I do want to actually publish novels but at the moment I just find I don't have the time between my different jobs to work on it to a standard I think it's worth it.

I've never dropped but I've people on occasion tell me they have to drop out. It's nice when they do that, to be honest, instead of just vanishing on me.

That sounds like it was an unequal partnership which is the kiss of death of 1x1 RPs. With planning, it's the same thing. Both have to contribute or it's just no fun. I find the stronger handles you have on your characters the easier it is to contribute. So I'm really happy when it's genuine collaboration rather than almost like one is running the game and the other is just playing along.


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