I am XbeyondXsavingX, making dreams and nightmares reality since February 2nd, 2007.
There will never be another like me, and I will never die.

I cancel unanswered trades after 7 days.
I am currently accepting random friend requests. I am accepting PM's/comments.

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I am Demitel Crimson. I don't know what gender I am. I don't even have genitals anyways.

******** no I can't dance. I'm white. smilies/icon_lol.gif

No guild requests please, I'm already in way too many, and am sad to say that I am not online enough to join any more at this moment. I don't RP either, don't bother asking. Thank you.

I am currently single, but crushing on a someone.
Crush? vvv

I like Lichtloze. We get along well, okay? He's a nice person. Hate me.

I am generally nice, until you make me mad. In that case, I can be very vindictive. I love making new friends though. I believe in karma, and that if you upset the balance, it will get you. I don't have a religion, but am a magic-user.

I believe that people are born naturally good and are influenced thereon from what they witness and are taught. I believe in second chances, and that sometimes goodbye is the only second chance for someone. I believe in demons and angels, and have witnessed both. I believe that beauty is only skin deep, that the really beautiful people are the real people inside, not the makeup that covers them. I believe that perfection is overrated and that those who try are just wasting their time. I do believe in self-improvement, but only with a pure mind and heart will you achieve that goal. I believe in equality for all races, ethnicities, and sexual orientations, and that those who try to limit anyone are really limiting themselves. I believe that death is only a new beginning. And most importantly, I believe that above all, you should hold onto the love you have, and never let it go. It's the love in a person's heart that defines them, and without love, one has no existence.

Old-a** pic of Jokas 154 and I from 2k9
More recent pic in sig.


My Likes:

My best friend (Saint Havick v3)
Trance Techno
Chinese food
Art (painting and drawing)
Muffins/ Cupcakes (Plain!)
Skinny jeans
Randomess! :3
Revenge/ Mischief
Gaia, of course
The Sims Social on Facebook
Nicki Minaj <3
Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20
Maroon 5 <3
Peanut Butter and Sugar Sandwiches
Crystals/ Gems
Candles/ Incense
Lady Gaga
SNSD (Girl's Generation)
Fat Kittays
Windy days
Drag Queens
Warm Rain

My Dislikes:

Wet Dog
People who think that Juggalos and Juggalettes are gang members.
Heathen children
Gospel/ Religious songs
Stuck up, fake, rude, ignorant, or otherwise undesirable people
The color Gold
When people say they their favorite flavor of kool-aid is "red" or whatever color. (Red is not a flavor!!)
The smell of burning trash
Soggy cornflakes
Anyone who says they're the (or an) angel of death. I CAN prove otherwise.
Matching socks
People who can't put a decent outfit together, and of course, their outfits
Creamy peanut butter
Sprinkles that aren't the sugar crystals
White chocolate
Slow computers
Sweaters, the kind that when you chew on them, they make your teeth feel weird
Wh3n p30pl3 t@lk lyk d!$
When religious people ruin perfectly good, meaningful songs by playing them as they speak some sad story of their life on a stage to get attention.
Old people
Humanity in general
People who wear too much makeup


Donations are welcome and much appreciated.***
~If you have a ????? next to your name and you remember what you sent me, please PM me and remind me, because I simply cannot remember who sent everything. Or if I've gotten it wrong.~
40 Trades of Assorted Items to Artistic Wizard/ Little Miss Crumpy
12 Trades of Assorted Items to Gigglenuntz +55 items
29 Items to Rwby13
6 Trades of Assorted Items to Saint Havick v3
16 Trades of Assorted Items to Elyzia

TELOCHVOVIN- Assorted Items
RozenRoxy- Assorted items/5000g
KinaRosina-SapphireQueen- Assorted Items
Ezeekiel Zeeke- You Are A Cow
OatmealCookieCrumbs- 1500000g
Abizon- 1500000g
Seridut- Assorted Items
Cassidy25- 125745 g/ Assorted Items
MadelynHeston- 110000g/ Assorted Items
Raiinbew emurgen-c- 20000g
faQyew- November 2k7 TY Letter/ Assorted Items
Chaance- Assorted items
castlefaire- Assorted Items
o P i x i e S t i c k s- 4000g/ Assorted Items
Kristopher Kilborn- Assorted Items
Echo TsunTsun- 20000g
Hypothermic Poseidon- Assoreted Items
iLLmaticParaDox- 50000g
ruubii- 15000g
M322- Assorted Items
queen conquer- Assorted Items
Ihes eiga- 290000g
luffylover- Guppies
BOJENMI- Assorted Items
CLOUDY_INSANE- Assorted Items
Midnight_Caelum- Assorted Items
BrittanyBatman- Assorted Items
Idaten Nine- Classic Black Mary Janes
A Darkened Heart no name- Pink Rose Wristlet Corsage
Krispy 101- 20000g
mid-level Boss- Bunnepidemic
50 Caliber Angel- 80000g
5ive Legs- 100000g
Sal The Orange Tree- 50000g
Necrona- 50000g/ Assorted Items
Shadow-Night-Blade- Assorted Items
krhin- Assorted Items
ChristineWinks- 20000g
13 Mockingjay- 900g
VertigoZero- Assorted Items
Bad Intentions Guy- Assorted Items
Rhapsodna- Pearl Castaway Shirt [F]
Fille aux Cheveux de Lin- Ghost Skin 2k10
WishingUpon- Assorted Items
| Alexa |- 74000g
Kitranu- 10000g
Vintage Misery- 6000g
Hupfen- Shining Oberon Crown
Miss-Kyra- Were Tail
Jokas154- Assorted Items
dilx- Assorted Items
Ochalissah- Assorted Items
dajwa- Fluttering Moth
Amarillo Sky- Assorted Items
Clerica- Knot Green Top
MassiveShitStain69- Assorted Items
Zamphira- 3400g/ Assorted Items
Kiibiit- Assorted Items
The Angelic Puppet- Radioactive Blue Raving Goggles
MusicIsMyLifeMule- 50000g
Citten13- 10000g
mermaid_goth- Assorted Items
Instrumental Dream- mourning groom
Puddles- Assorted Items
Valanced- 20000g
The_Mistress_Of_Music- Assorted Items
Ultra_eternal_night- Assorted Items
Innocent Roses- Assorted Items
shell2653- Assorted Items
Whiskey Dreams- 300000g
Ms Minty Cream- 50000g/ Cherry Blossom
Dubstop- 100000g
Paraffinum Liquidum v2- 80000g
Jacob is awesome- Assorted Items
Puddles- Assorted Items
Sweet HinamoriMomoChan- Assorted Items
Onna-The-Giver- 13000g
cup of teal- Assorted Items
Imperial Shockies- Thank You Letter For July/ Claude's Invisibility
HuggedSadness- Digital SLR Camera
Jesus Christ Homosexual- Assorted Items
ShinraSeed- 290000g
Semok- 100000g
Garland-Green- 50000g
Kishimura- 50000g
A Cult Of Personality- 9 Assorted Guppies
Radio Hysteria- 100000g
Senorita Hope- Assorted Items
iFizafrin- Assorted Items
The Raving Madame- Assorted Items
Spontaneous Beauty- Assorted Items
Morbid Obesity- Assorted Items
a little mockingbird- 1000000g
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Rainbow Genius- 150000g
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Black Mage Zeref 911- 100000g
elephantscantfly- Howling Ghost Sheet
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Artistic Wizard- Assorted Items
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iMayl- 10000g
South Pole Santa- 200000g
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NEEDS MOAR GYOZAS- 50x White Yarn and Needles, Assorted Guppies
Ms Minty Creams- 50000g
Ater Decor- 10000g
AznSmartiez- Assorted Items
kila_ibyao- Assorted Items
Exulted Requiem- Assorted Items
Tabnormal- 1 Red Guppy
Robotic Pidge- 800000g/ Oculus Mythica
DOROHEDOROBRO- Highwire Amaryllis/ Demonic Pendant
Fairy of Gifting- Psionic Weapons
VJ MORPH- Crystal Box
m3g4t0ky0- 1133791g
Malhal- 65200g
DOROHEDOROBROv2- Red Devil Tail/ HoC: Succubus Zivva x2/ Heart + Mind
Unscripted Destiny- Cathulhu Vest
Boizan- Edo Ukiyoe
A Random Fairy- 125000g/ Gothic Butterfly/ Gothic Veil/ Demonic Armor
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MIZARY-Assorted Items/ Project: Mini CI
pillar of salt- Assorted Items
Free Muffins-168775g
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Faythei- ?????
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Put The Sun Into The Sea- Golden Admirer
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Grun-Pie- 1000000000g
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Mah-Ken-Zee- Gimpi 9th Gen
MoreOriginalThanYourFace- Heart/ Mind/ Heart VS Mind
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Fantasy Magician- Sparkling Kitten Star Pin
Cyleki- Pink Acinonyx Speed King Cheetah/ Blue Acinonyx Speed King Cheetah/ Green Acinonyx Speed King Cheetah
Xelvorktork- Mizuchi's Jewel
Sixx Sky- Mythrill Coin Package (100,000,000 Gold) x2/[Animal] Flare Forever/ Astra: Blood Torn Wings/ 1000000000g
DistortedHarmony- Assorted Items
Madame Rois- 10879495g/ Coon Tail/ Michael's Memory/ Token x1545
Darkest Silver- Nightmare Boots
Beenzino- [Animal] Vienna's Adaptability
The Souless Puppet- Rosette Kitten Star, Admirable Antagonist, I Am Adamant
Matts Mad- Drekavac's Wings
Priority of Crown Royal- Militia Stars Air Force
Taiography- Lord of Event Horizon/ SDPlus #302: Rouge
calgarian- Horse Head Mask
lL U C lI lF lE lR- July Birthstone Streaks
Bacon The Clown- Rapturous Descent/ Holly Berry Scarf
Weird Imagination- Demonic Innocence
Frost Nameless- Mythrill Coin Package (100,000,000 Gold)
S IP II A IR M IF- Claude's Invisibility
xXlost_lov3Xx- Navy Devil Tail/ Cream the Kitten
Kuropaw- Astra: Strawberry Tumble
Devils_Rhondo- Aquarium String of Lights
Incubator Kyubey- Burning Pages/ Lovers' Romantic Letters/ Lovers' Lost Letters
II Porcelain Doll II- Heart=Mind/ Heart X Mind
Mariazell- Heartstring/ Ruby Forehead Jewel/ Doves/ Cloud
Twice Bitten Once Shy- 150000000g
Pandelic DJ- Angora's Soft Side/ Verden Frakasi/ Neaknail Slatechipper of Stormforge/ Questionable Beards/ Claude's Invisibility/ Enforcer Officer/ Truffle Man/ Magic School Bag/ Bollywood Big Finish/ Hanoman/ Airship Attendant/ Lady Longshot
Imaginary Socks- Assorted Items
Mad Science- 75000000g
Honeydew Pudding- Assorted items/ 100000g
hyeonnie- Mythrill Coin Package (250,000,000 Gold)
Griever Lol Zi- Mint Sundae Sweets
Waterkin- Gold Nitemare Scarf
Ryuuichi- Angelic Scarf
mermaid_goth- Easter 2k10 Egg
shxrlock- Elemental Love
Alohilani- 1,000,000G
Aubrey-Number one_Klainer- 500,000,000G
Zealous Hawk- 600,000,000G
Vestal- 1,350,000,000G
Dahlia Rain- Rosamund's Revenge 2nd Gen./ 10000000000g
Cutie Baby-cakez- Oisin's Blessing
Sakura_Darkstorm- Sir Ashby Sacheverall II
Miranda Everlasting- Earl Grey Tea Time Waitress Dress
Madam Chai- 100000g
xInsanitys DevilX- Easter Cherubim's Grey Wings
Mudkipster- Spirited 2k8 Peppermint Cap
D1ary_of_the_Vampz t- Assorted Items
Selene Spray- Assorted Items
Ravagraid- Princess Melody
trenchcoat-on-a-tortilla- #FF0000 Complex Shirt
kim jong iIIest-?????
Angels_With_Pistols-Butterfly Punch
kazeaka- Pearl and Sapphire Necklace/1000000g
shutupisaac- Kimi's Cool Bashful Braids
orth0pedia- 1000000g
Digital Daggers- [Animal] The Mad Hatter
Salathielly- Celestial Soldier
That Photo Guy- Xmas 2k13 Penguin Plushie
(NSTG Fairy)- Mimzy
(Pinky Anon)- Pink Glittering Stockings
(Emo Lyrics Anon) -Demonic Anklets
(Anon Auntie)- Kitten Crescent Moon
(Anon)- Lunar Gentlewoman
(Anon)- Ascended Demon
(Anon)- Devil Food Baker
(Anon)rikusangel1313- Angelic Sash
(Anon) Toastje- Astra-30: Sugar Cookie Delight
(Antigonish Anon)- Toned Keido, Rapturous Union, Red Devil MiniWings
(Anon Santa)- Dark Star Cygnus
(Anon)- Angel Food Maker
(Anon)- Avatar of Twilight
(Anon)- Astra-87: Violet Blinking Sly Eyes
(Anon)-Basic Pink Down Hoodie
(Anon)-Tory of the Glen
(Anon)-Jada The Unicorn
(Anon) Lovely Genie Double Gold Earrings
(Anon)- Rejected Olympics 2k12 Gambino Neckerchief
(Anon)- Dunce Cap
(Anon)-50 White Yarn and Needles
(Anon)- Siamese Cat O'Nine Tails Hat
(Anon)- Holly Jolly Socks
(Anon)- Kaya the Cat
(Anon)- Crinkle Drawstring Top Sunset
(Anon)- Jellyfish Cape
(Anon)- Bat Eye Patch
(Anon)- Basic Red Hammer
(Anon)- Sims Walker
(Anon)- Toilet Paper
(Anon)- Hermit Cat Cap



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Regurgitated Tea





Fansign <3
Estelle Dawn

Titty Sign <3
A Tragic Parody


Hoe My God


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I Come With Knives

Report | 11/28/2015 11:20 pm

I Come With Knives

Don't be sorry!! xDD I don't use my Gaia name on there, you know the real me!!! LOL!
I Come With Knives

Report | 11/28/2015 11:14 pm

I Come With Knives

Well I am also known as -Miss_Winry_Rockbell_FMA-....we're also friend on Facebook I believe!!!!! xDD
I Come With Knives

Report | 11/28/2015 11:07 pm

I Come With Knives

YOU'RE ONLINE!?!?!??!? emotion_hug

Report | 09/24/2014 8:58 pm


Yep I know.
Which makes me not want to do it in the first place razz

Report | 09/24/2014 3:42 pm


I hate it...
/pat/pat. I don't have a credit score since I pay with cash,
so I'd have to get a loan/credit card or something before even thinking of getting
my own place. It's stupid, because if I only pay for things with cash obviously I'm being responsible..
but whatever...Banks don't think like that haha. I wish you good luck!! smile

Report | 09/24/2014 1:57 pm


Oh lord haha. Yeah x:
I just bought a new car, paid in full with my own money.
Paid for a vacation coming up in a few weeks (much needed).
We're moving in like two months or less.
And I want to make sure my car is running nice before we leave
... so I'm replacing some stuff. My wallet is crying out to me.. it's so sad ;w;
I hate grown up stuff, I wanna go back to naps and sippy cups lol.

Report | 09/24/2014 1:37 pm


Except my wallet and I are crying,
I hate spending money emo

Report | 09/24/2014 9:06 am


Meh lol
Lots of stuff going on in my life recently.

Report | 09/23/2014 7:37 pm


I don't like that lol, I feel bad when I don't see people replying back to me...
How are you btw?

Report | 09/21/2014 9:07 am


Gaia didn't tell me you responded.
Anyway, yeah biggrin They were pretty good...
It was a big meal though x:


I am a creep.
I don't RP.
~Let\'s Make Banana Pancakes!~
I have no genitals. Don't ask to see them.