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Hello and Welcome To My Profile~!
So I Suppose Your Wanting To Hear A Little Bit About Me? I Guess I'll Just Start Off With A Basic List.

Random Facts;
~On Gaia Since Age 13 on Year 06'
~Current Inventory Worth: 15,250,000g
~Gender: Female
~Full Name: Sarah Renée Wilder
~Name Meaning: Conjoined w/ Middle Name; Perennial Princess
~Alias and Preferred Name: Saraviah
~Nicknames: Saraphina, Saravi, and Aviah.
~Age: 19
~Status: Happily Taken
~Anniversary: February 14th 2008
~Birthday: August 1st 1993
~Natural Eye Color: Gold (I wear violet contacts.)
~Natural Hair Color: Silvery Gold. (Dyed Blue Black.)
~Currently Living in Nevada.
~Ethnicity: Mainly Dutch but also a bit of Native
American, Russian, Norwegian, Irish and Scottish.

~Since there are so many things to list About a Human Being, I'll continue my "About Me" through my "Journal" to your left.

I do accept all friends request, but if I have not heard from you in a few months you will be removed (unless I know you pretty well). So no need to be shy; chat away! If you have been gone and were removed from my friends list, feel free to contact me again~! I love staying in contact with old and new friends!

I Hope To Hear From You Sometime Soon! Have A Lovely Day~