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gymsweetie15 Report | 12/22/2015 8:18 pm
Thank you for buying from my store! ^-^
Raikiri Foxheart Report | 12/11/2015 9:07 pm
Raikiri Foxheart
-makes louder noises and chases faster- >:[]
Raikiri Foxheart Report | 12/11/2015 11:57 am
Raikiri Foxheart
-laughs maniacally and chases with pink glitter- >:F
Raikiri Foxheart Report | 12/11/2015 11:55 am
Raikiri Foxheart
-laughs maniacally and chases with pink glitter- >:F
Baphomet Ryu Report | 09/21/2015 12:29 pm
Baphomet Ryu
headbutts lightly- heart
-l- Afterlife -l- Report | 09/11/2015 5:10 pm
-l- Afterlife -l-
hey saphi
-l- Afterlife -l- Report | 08/29/2015 7:56 pm
-l- Afterlife -l-
razz comin to vh or not?
-l- Afterlife -l- Report | 08/29/2015 7:42 pm
-l- Afterlife -l-
well you have me too you know..
-l- Afterlife -l- Report | 08/29/2015 7:34 pm
-l- Afterlife -l-
Yeah, K so like I go through another heartbreak, and then part of my real life family dies, I feel like Complete utter s**t, waiting for a friend to just come say hi.
-l- Afterlife -l- Report | 08/29/2015 7:26 pm
-l- Afterlife -l-
me..aswell.. v nv...I need an outlet..
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