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About Me

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“What we think, we become.”
— Buddha

My name is Santiago. I was born in Makati City, Philippines, and I am primarily a role-player here on Gaia Online. I love to write, and no other hobby really makes me as happy. I don’t really mind who I play as; I think it’s exciting to try various roles. I'd love to be a full-time writer, but that's not going to happen. I'd likely have anxiety attacks with writer's block. From time to time, the writer's block just kicks in.

For role-playing, I enjoy some superhuman, medieval fantasy, crime/mystery, school/academy, historical, science fiction, and more! I can play whichever gender, and will happily play an antagonist. It’s amusing to get graphic; violence and debauchery doesn’t bother me. Oh, and I do enjoy some good old psychopathic characters. Romance is my forté, so I’ll play a love interest (usually male since most role-players play the ladies). I like making original characters, but I’m more than capable of handling in-canon characters.

For my interests, I love period films that involve historic elements, but I am no stranger to superhero, fantasy, or sci-fi films. I also love coffee. My favorite band is—you guessed it—Arctic Monkeys. I will occasionally feature different music here, though.


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l-WARRIOR SOUL-l Report | 10/25/2016 11:36 pm
thank youuuuuuu
KoBear Report | 10/25/2016 10:08 pm
sure did but we already talked about that XD
KoBear Report | 10/25/2016 9:34 pm
well you are right about that. lol.
KoBear Report | 10/25/2016 3:34 am
No problem Santi. Oh and it's fine, no rush. I don't really mind if I amnot featured on friend profiles.
Some people do though. I find it silly x.x
KoBear Report | 10/24/2016 9:19 pm
YES! Lol. i love rainy weather. To me its calming and cozy
KoBear Report | 10/23/2016 10:45 pm
Well, not really. Unless it raining after a few years of no rain is new? Thank goodness XD
KoBear Report | 10/23/2016 10:19 pm
Maybe your right. Well for now these will be the legs I'll stick with.
KoBear Report | 10/23/2016 10:05 pm
You do? Aww, thankies XD I like it too but I feel like the legs don't look right with this avi. Sadly it's the only thing that matches
KoBear Report | 10/23/2016 10:01 pm
I am doing amazing as well. Happy to hear your doing great biggrin
KoBear Report | 10/23/2016 2:18 pm
Hi Santi -waves with stiff arms- XD How have you been??



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