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Gender: Male

Location: Arizona

Occupation: Gamer

People that were here! :o

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You can call me X.
Whatever comes to mind, I'll just write down here.

- I'm 23.

- I love Video Games, the color Green, candy & watching some cheesy 80's, Horror & Cheesy 80's Horror movies to make fun of them.

- I'm a fan of 80's fact, one of my most favorite bands is New Order.
- My all-time favorite animal is the Giant Panda.
- My all-time favorite Video Game is Animal Crossing.
- My favorite food is Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo.
- If I had to pick a favorite movie....I'd probably say either The Goonies, Monster Squad or Labyrinth.

**Some important game-related stuff.

Gaming Info:

Gamertag: Santakiin (I'm on Xbox One! Shoot a message before you add so I know where you're from?)

Anyways, be sure to send a message my way if you wanna know more about me.

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PengypopX Report | 06/10/2017 1:42 am
PengypopX Report | 05/12/2017 9:08 pm
ill have you know i lived and died and continue to half-live as a carnivorous vegan
PengypopX Report | 05/12/2017 9:07 pm
PengypopX Report | 05/12/2017 11:32 am
hi santa im hungry
PengypopX Report | 05/11/2017 11:57 pm
PengypopX Report | 05/11/2017 11:42 pm
A term coined by Otaku and Weeaboo alike for their 2D significant others; predominantly anime and video game characters. A Waifu, in contrast to a harem, is the love between one man and his one and only Waifu. You treat your Waifu with the utmost respect and courtesy and most refuse to even fap to their beloved, seeing the act as an insult to the non-existent woman they have committed themselves to.

A spin-off term "Husbando" followed for Fujioshi who feel similarly towards male characters.
Not even a missing dimension will keep you from your glorious waifu - The Melbourne MX Newspaper
PengypopX Report | 05/11/2017 10:51 pm
could you imagine waking up with your face contorted like that in a state of relaxation?
I'd imagine it would feel very odd having your mouth always slanted like that

I feel bad for the poor chap
PengypopX Report | 05/11/2017 12:11 pm
sweatdrop redface sweatdrop
PengypopX Report | 05/11/2017 12:07 am
PengypopX Report | 05/10/2017 11:06 pm
blaugh blaugh