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dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!

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what is a zato?

what is a zato? ...
the world may never know~ dun dun dun!!!!! <3

Well ok I’ll tell you about myself….a bit…but don’t tell anyone lolz here’s a tiny bit about me

first off i'm a guy always have been always will be so please don't call me "miss,her ect." i dislike that alot. please use "him, he, his ect." with me ok. it's just my hair that seems girly i guess.

name: Zato

nick names: zato-kun, Z, lieutenant zato, boots, kiddo, fox boy, kitsune, chuckles, ranmaru, motochika, pretty boy, m.c. bat commander, tama (and a slue of others XD call me what you will but I like zato best)

age: 25

Likes: friends, bunnies, foxes, snakes, butterflies ,sour and sweet things, cold, music, books, games, drawing, getting art, robots, visual kei/oshare kei, going on super long walks, asian men and many other things.

Hates: spiders, people who are mean, people who use others, racist, bigots, homophobes, close minded people, those who don’t understand.

What I enjoy doing: kendo (slef taught lolz cuz we don’t have the money), drawing, practicing bass, listing to music, dreaming, thinking, reading, having fun, working out, being goofy and weird.
ok bye now

i'm a weird guy. =P

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love many, trust few, and always paddle your own canoe. =D woo~~ *thrust*male/25/ visual fashion lover and Japanese/Chinese music fan <3

my dino's name is sachmo-san! look at him work!!
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Etro Vias

my sister irl

my best friend irl

a good buddy of mine on here =) he's really nice.

this is my boyfriend and he's freaking amazing. i'm still shocked he even likes me but i'm the luckiest man to have him. <3

i have a huge huge love for rilakkuma <3