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It's impolite to ask, but...


This is where one introduces himself.

My name is Dr. Carswell. I hail from Brightley, the Clockwork City.

I suppose this is the space in which I am expected to describe myself, a practice that I have always, quite frankly, thought myself lacking in. Well, I'll take a shot at it in any case.

First, I shall make sure to mention that my 'Doctor' title is not, in fact, that of a medical doctor. I am a Doctor of Engineering, so please don't come crawling to me with limbs askew and blocked oesophagi and expect me to be useful beyond panicking and calling you an emergency cab.
...And also perhaps mending your radiator, so you can be nice and warm while the paramedics attempt their frantic rescue.

Hmm, yes. Where was I?
... I am a man of many interests, and perhaps niche tastes. I love animals, particularly cats, and they seem to love me. Well, birds don't. Picky bastards they are. Anyway. I love electronics of all kinds, as well as robots and cyborgs, forms of transportation, heavy engines, flying machines... you name it.

Truly, isn't it amazing? That man can take the very bones of the earth, hold them in his own, reshape them with his mind- his ingenuity!- alone, until the thrum of machinery beats as a heart of its' own? Is it not almost divine an experience? I find it so. My passion goes beyond that of a simple vocation (which those who recognise my name may have been able to guess already!). It is a way of being. It is a way of life.

Here is some useless trivia and assorted minutiae about myself.
- I have no fewer than twenty-seven pet pugs (I will probably return home to many more. It is breeding season).
- I played the violin in my youth. I was terrible then. I am terrible now.
- I can sing, somewhat. My apologies if I wake you up; I've a habit of doing it in the morning.
- The first machine I ever built entirely of my own design was a coffee brewer. I still use it. It trembles when I turn it on but I am too attached to it to replace it.
- I am quite jumpy around medical professionals. It seems common enough; I'm not ashamed of it.

Questions? Comments? Worship and adoration? Have at it! Hahaha!

Leave me a message. I don't bite!

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Tinidril Report | 04/21/2014 11:01 am
ROFL, thats hilarious!!
Kitty Gnar-Gnar Report | 04/17/2014 7:42 pm
Kitty Gnar-Gnar
*smooches* n wn heart
Adrien Ludovic Gilles Report | 04/16/2014 11:47 pm
Adrien Ludovic Gilles
Oh do you like them? I got them for a great price at ---
How dare you.
Adrien Ludovic Gilles Report | 04/16/2014 11:39 pm
Adrien Ludovic Gilles
I look ridiculous and I hate you all.

( heart rofl )
Sifen Yamishi Report | 04/16/2014 7:17 pm
Sifen Yamishi
Nah. That item was a waste of a Golden Ticket and it's a disgusting one to boot. I just stated the honesty that needed to be said.

Btw: I've always admired your avatars.
AtreeX Report | 04/14/2014 4:05 pm
Oh, oh! And congratulations on that reward. C:
From what I've seen, you seem more than worthy of it!
AtreeX Report | 04/14/2014 4:04 pm
Hello! It's nice to see you again. How have you been?

(Ahahaha, yeah, that's one thing that tipped me off.
... People get butthurt over that? I admit that early on I was unsure as to how to treat you in the Honest thread (IC/OoC), but that's all. Certainly nothing worth getting butthurt over.
And besides, plenty of WGers have a ton of faces. The worst reaction I've ever had to learning a new identity was "WOW, I'M STUPID," hahahaaa.
Ah, but people are weird about things. Best to be wary and prepared. Feh.)
Sheshira Report | 04/07/2014 2:09 am
I'll remember the trick of squinting my eyes because I don't smile naturally especially if among people I don't know (thank you!). Though I have this whole issue where I don't know how to react in certain situations... I lack social cues I suppose but mostly with people I don't know well, strangers, or people who for whatever reason I can't seem to mesh well with. I tend to be a bit more nervous, critical (of how I'm reacting or how I should react), and jumpy around people I don't know. So I think for me my resting b***h face is my self defense to keep people from invading my personal space.
Sheshira Report | 04/07/2014 2:02 am
My dad used to joke that I have a "chola" face (I'm hispanic/Latin hence the off color joke) :T It's very annoying because I can be feeling all right or neutral but I get seen as being upset or at least in a negative mood. xd Plus I tend to hate to smile too much because I'm creeped out by those who smile too much.
Miss Conception Report | 04/06/2014 1:01 am
Miss Conception
Aww thank you <3 I would hope so I worked on it for ages


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Good day to you!

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