Samantha Ann

Hobbie's:Drawings(no request),Game like minecraft or pokemon games,having good friends,and picking good music that is very good for me and my life too.

~Creepy pasta
~My pokemon team
~Japan food
~Mountain dew
~Sleeping in
~MLP (sometimes)
~Animals that i like
~Moon's & Stars
~Being random in my head
~Blue (any)
~Pools & ponds or lakes

~spice food
~Gore movie (like Zombies movies)
~Jellyfish and sea gulls
~Bad bug's that hurt people even me
~Noob's with less or beginner outfits
~My computer being a A$$hole to me
~And bad ppl who are Jerk to others



My topes favorite Creepy pasta in the World

Offenderman or Smexy is one of my topest and most favorite creepy pasta and slender in the world i search for the best Slender because slender man is too much popular in creepy pasta until i found this slender person and it was close to slender himself but different he more he more like a demon called Incubus but slender like but with a trench coat a black hat and boots and only live in dark allys from city area so be really careful people even for the girl or me even he is a pref but NEVER TAKE A ROSE from this guy or he will get you but i like this guy because he funny i see his comic's of it but he more dangerous then Slender himself so becareful ok for me it too late because i did take it but i know Ticci toby or laughing jack is there sometime he like to bug me in my room and trying to sneak into the bathroom with me before slender saw him and i slap him hard it hard to get away from him but for the good thing about him he a cuddler even he a prev e///e .

2. Ticci Toby
Toby Remember of me because i hard time with my family nd fell like i going crazy and about to kill them with a ax but i did not anyway i love ticci toby because he more like a brother to me because in real life i don't have a brother so i pretend in he there for me and for that tech me how to kill people in a right way and be one of Slender Proxy in my life then he can protect me when he around me even very protective me from Smexy because he know h thinking about something but he need to trick Toby to get me but Toby is always good to me and we both crazy and hyper even better i love his google's and we both bugging Masky a lot.

3.Laughing Jack
Now laughing Jack is one of the favorite creepy pasta because i scared of clown's but not him because he more like a cute little gothic clown with a sharp teeth and claws last time i with him we both trick people a lot because of April fool's and Halloween but when i feel sad he always making me feel happy and do his silly tricks that making me laugh while Ticci toby killing a random person that called me b***h or slut and i love the pairing of Jeff and him because it silly for that clown and love his crazy laugh because i did one too

4.Eyeless Jack
Now E.J is one of the strangest killers i know but in a coolest way for a killer most of them kill people and leave there body's in the home but for Eyeless jack it different because when he kill's them he eat there kidneys or other stuff like liver or heart because Eyeless jack is my top 4th favorite because i love his style and love his mask me and him are close friend's and other side a brother like Ticci Toby even he is a little bossy but that the way he protect me and bonk my head when i did something stupid but because we are friend i give him some kidney that i killer who is a bully to me from the past and that make Smexy little jelly because of it.

5.Seed eater
Between The Rake and Seed eater The Seed Eater is waaaaaaaay better then the rake the because it more detailed and more story of it a monster that eat small kids or babes but for me he a good pet to protect me from bad ppl if someone bullying me he killed me for it and feed him there meat even he eat small kids or babes this one rarely eat other ppl like hunters and villagers or Noobs so from the past i made him my pet and my monster so be careful people and he killed the Rake for me.


Jeff X Me

* Me singing Shooting star by owl city*

Smexy: hehehe

in puppy

Me: >//> !