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13 Real Ghosts Caught on Tape


Hey, its me. smile My introduction:

Name: Sierra

Age: 24

Resides in: Texas

Gender: Female

Attraction: Boys

Clothing preferences: Anime, Cosplay, rockin', gothic, punk, theatre, and sometimes cross.

Favorite color: PINK!!!

Favorite music: Rock, Country, Techno, Disney.

Loves: Anime, manga, drawing, reading, and writing.

Languages spoken: English, Spanish, French, and Japanese.

Height: 5'6" (A little over that now)

Birthday: November 9th

Sign: Scorpio

Me in cosplay:

Raggedy Annabelle, Realms Con, 2014

Princess Ariel, A-Kon, 2014

President/Princess Vanellope Von Schweetz, A-Kon, 2014

My tumblrs:












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This Avi Art done by Un!sawr.

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My CATS Musical Avi Art Gallery:

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This pixel art done by me. C: Cute, no?

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This one was drawn by i-r-Russia:

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This one was done as a freebie by Hidden Account.

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Thank you to all the artists!! <3


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Mars-San Report | 02/24/2017 6:52 pm
I only knew who it was due to Markiplier's "I love Senpai, yes I do! He's for me, NOT FOR YOU!!!". xd

Actually, it's moved to Roleplay Nation.

Want a link the the guild?

Thing is, I wouldn't know how to start it...and weather to do it in PM's or on profile to profile.... XD
Mars-San Report | 02/23/2017 1:41 pm

Even though your avatar is Yandere Chan, I still feel like Mars should use Beej as a scratching post.

((I'm itching for her to sneak up behind him and do it anyways. lol ))
HemiHemura Report | 02/18/2017 10:14 pm
Haha I noticed xd

Hmm, well you could play as a damsel in distress surprised he can't resist saving you.
Sliding Shine Report | 02/17/2017 8:30 pm
Sliding Shine
That's awesome. I used to be able to do that s**t in high school but there's no way I have that attention span now. Too tired these days.

Aww, see now, you're a fellow Halloween lover after my own shriveled cold heart. However, the older holiday of Yule in Europe had a St. Nicolas that wasn't nearly as jolly as today's Santa. Have you ever seen Krampus? It reminds me of how Sam is to Halloween.. not the fun part but respecting the holiday part. And what happens when you don't pay homage like you should.

I always thought he let her be because she respects the old ways and that was his mission. I wouldn't think he's so inclined as to 'like' creatures such as humans, mainly because we're lower on the food chain in that universe. I know it might sound silly, but in my head I see the holiday spirits as strong and powerful as any of the old gods. And they demand patronage.

You look like Rhonda? That's so cute! She reminds me of a girl I used to go to high school with a long time ago.
HemiHemura Report | 02/17/2017 5:11 pm
Hmmm...have you checked the Jack o' lantern patch?
pudditat Report | 02/17/2017 12:37 pm
also this might sound weird but i kinda feel like i was supposed to talk to you ??
like i've never cleaned out my ignored list before
the urge just struck me, not inspired by anything in particular
i didn't go to any of the other profiles, and you were like fourth on the list
i probably lived in a completely different state at the time of ignoring you
find out we have some similar issues and go to the same conventions

kinda weird ?
just a little ?
pudditat Report | 02/17/2017 12:31 pm
that's awful! I'm so sorry :c
i can relate horribly, though
i'm not sure if you remember the western gang that frequented akon and afest (allcon a couple times too), but i was the only chick in the group, and my bf was the leader. i was with him for six and a half years, he cheated on me and then ******** killed himself like a gd lunatic
that was almost three years ago, and i'm only just now starting to see some positive improvement in myself
the afest after he died, i went in westernwear and nearly broke myself. i wanted to do it, though. i wanted to do that for him, to go there and prove to myself that i could still endure something we did together and enjoy it, but also to drink nightly in memoriam. he was a son of a b***h, but i devoted a lot of my life to him. taught me the most important lessons that i couldn't have learned any other way...

i also have stupid anxiety and social issues... so how about this, if i can go and you want to go but don't want to be alone, we can meet up there and i'll chill with you ~ ! 4laugh i have a lot of friends that go to akon, but idk how it being in ft worth is going to affect that
it's going to an entirely new hotel this year and everything
in an unfamiliar place
i definitely can't do that by myself, and while i have a lot of friends that go, i meet them there and see them randomly. D: i can't bring myself to dive into that much unfamiliarity without knowing there will be something familiar about it upon impact, ya know ? lol
so, if i can't get one of my local friends to take me, aaahh i probably won't be going to akon this year. but i feel like i can relate to you in that horrible experience, so i'm all for lending a helping hand <3 if i can work it out, would you want to give it a shot? i'll do my best to lend comfort and support !
no pressure ofc don't feel awkward saying no if you don't want to c:

&& thank you about my avi ;v;
pudditat Report | 02/17/2017 9:31 am
oh hey you're active ! 4laugh i didn't know that
ahhh chances are, it was my fault
especially if it was that long ago ? i had one hell of a temper, and only just now at 27 have i figured out how to control myself lol It was a long time comin', but I finally found some means of balance ~
I hear that A-kon is gonna be in Ft Worth this year. (I could probably research that on my own but i'm kinda lazy rn lol ) have you heard anything about that ?
pudditat Report | 02/17/2017 8:55 am
Hi ! I don't know if you'll ever come back to this account or not, but I was going through my ancient ignored list, and you were one of the accounts on there. I've got not a clue why what happened and when, but I was like 'eh, i don't ever ignore people anymore, i should clean this list out.' I don't really know what made me click on your profile after i unignored, but I was like "wtf I live in Texas now. WTF I GOT O A-KON." I'm sure that I'd have gotten into whatever spat with you when I lived in Arkansas some time ago. I happened to have the craziest thought. There's a chance you and I have met ! Hahahahah and if that happened, we most likely got along because I have never, not once, been in real confrontation at any anime convention in Texas because conventions are my stomping grounds and them's my people lol

just thought that was super funny idk why
anyway, have a good one !
maybe we'll run into each other out there in the world of costumes and merchandise sometime 4laugh
HemiHemura Report | 02/17/2017 6:04 am
Haha xd lol rofl
You're on a roll!


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