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Nina_suar Report | 10/05/2015 6:07 pm
aww man i wish i could still sleep in crying
im not sure yet everything happens out of no where e.e
do you have any plans? 4laugh
Faenyre Report | 10/05/2015 1:15 pm
Ooooh, now I understand. XD Thanks!
Alright, I have to correct myself. I meant if you write your own stories with your OC. But it has already been answered. ^^

OH YES! I wanna read it!! emotion_c8
Faenyre Report | 10/05/2015 10:28 am
What does MC and OC mean? o_o

Oh, would love to read your stories someday. ^^
Faenyre Report | 10/05/2015 9:02 am
Yeah.. it really is.

So you like creating character? Or do you also write fanfiction and stories with your charas?

OMG! I will do my best with Tanuki and Cubdrop! emotion_kirakira
THANK you sooooo much Samanthie!! So many kindness. It makes me so HAPPY! emotion_bigheart (how can I pay you back?)
I think I will love this game alreay. I love pokemon and loved to play it when I was a kid. *sigh* So nostalgic!
Birooksun Report | 10/04/2015 3:11 pm
It's going alright, thanks for asking!
Faenyre Report | 10/04/2015 1:01 am
Oh, that sounds nice! :3
There are many interesting people out there.
OH yesh, I've been there too... quite depressing (so many talents!!) so I just avoid it. XD

Haha. I had to search for awhile what you meant with Lake Kindred and jeeez I want to join this GAME too!! :O

Within Enigma Report | 10/03/2015 6:40 pm
Definitely! ^^
So how are some ways you personally earn the gold for your items? o.o
I need help and advice haha
xxxZombieMbearxxx Report | 10/03/2015 4:00 pm
Either way, let me know. I have another Rainbow gift I been wanting to give you too, so I'm glad you are online wink
xxxZombieMbearxxx Report | 10/03/2015 3:57 pm
heart I hope they do have another Similar one (and will Alert you if/when I see it) I run a very Busy life too, Reason why it was so last Min. for me Entering smile
xxxZombieMbearxxx Report | 10/03/2015 1:42 pm
heart Awww. Hoping they do another one like it soon. That way I can do a better job on my avi and you will get a chance to Enter too smile


Hey! I'm Samantha. My friends call me SaMaNtHiE, Sammy , Sam-Sam, and some call me KittyCat, but I prefer the first.

I'm 22, as of June 21st. Though, it feels pretty much the same as 21 so far.

I am filled with that pansexual pride.

(With a preference towards Pepsi lovers).

I have two SiStErS (Dru Carlisle) smilies/icon_xp.gif and (BabblingGuru)smilies/icon_whee.gif ,a BrOtHeR (Caboose259]) smilies/icon_xp.gif and a BroSiS (Juaki Anako)smilies/icon_4laugh.gif.

But my brother doesn't sign on like ever.

I've been on Gaia for 2183 days, as of August 25th, 2011.
2195 days, as of September 7, 2011.
2418 days as of April 16, 2012.

2681 days as of Jan. 4th, 2013

2852 days as of March 16th, 2014
3311 days as of June 18th, 2015

My first account. -- SnapCracklePoppet.

Yep! I am officially on my TENTH year as a Gaian.

I like pretty much all music. Including some rap, some country and some metal. But I prefer dance/electronica. Things with a beat that can be danced to.
I love meeting and talking to new people.

I have an obsession with giving away gold and items when I'm feeling rich or generous or happy or bored..

That is all.


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